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Food and Drink

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Full Immersion Food Tour in Emilia Romagna – New Gourmet Tour for Food Lovers in Italy

When planning a trip to Italy you think of picture perfect postcard views, cultural treasures and architectural highlights and of course delicious food that will make you never want to eat a frozen pizza in your life. The good news almost no place in the Bel Paese disappoints visitors in these aspects, the only thing many of those who dream of a trip of a lifetime to Italy are the other tourists who have come to take in breathtaking views, head to the most popular museums and cathedrals and want...

Product labels should be clear

It's an era when customers are the toughest. When buying a product, any client has a particular set of needs, which the purchaser should meet. The prerequisites of the customer are based on the sort of product that has been bought and the goal of usage. Therefore, it's necessary that manufacturers and retailers provide complete transparency, particularly in the event of food items....