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401K (Employee Benefit) and Retirement Plans and Audits

401k Audit is not as an exclusion that's complicated for the men and women that aren't acquainted with it. Federal Government has said some regulations and rules which are compulsory for both 401k plans, other retirement programs, and employer too.The term"audit" when mentioned; increases questions and distress among individuals. The rationale being; lesser comprehension of the audits that they're obliged to cover and which one does not concern them. 401k Plan Audit is not as an exclusion that's...

Investment Opportunity Times Two - Or Is It Four

At March 23, 2018, the S & P 500 (at $2,588.26) was down approximately 10 percent from its January 26, 2018 all time high of $2,872.87, and down about 3.2percent for the year, presumably in anticipation of an impending trade warfare.Also, interest rate sensitive stocks were trading near 52 week low rates as bond and other fixed income speculators drop stock in anticipation of three 2018 interest rate hikes.Of course, a marketplace situation like this is hard for:Important marketplace partici...