Why Marketing Qualified Leads - MQL is Every B2B Company’s ROI Catalyst

Two things that represent the core objectives of any B2B company are Leads and ROI. And to ensure you achieve the objectives, it is important to have a proper process at every stage of your marketing and sales activity. MQLs (Marketing Qualified Leads) is not about quantity but they are all about quality! One can nurture leads better if the leads are sorted and narrowed down to qualify as Marketing Qualified Leads.

Let us discuss how MQL can act as your ROI catalyst if done in the right manner!

MQL ROI is instrumental in the success of lead generation. Since not all leads are qualified leads; it is very important to have a strategy in place to nurture the qualified leads. This is why an MQL strategy is even more important in the B2B Lead Generation process.

ROI reflects how effective your strategy is and helps you re-strategize your MQL objectives if needed. A well-defined MQL strategy always helps in nurturing so that your sales team can focus only on fertile leads that can yield the best results. Every process is interconnected and taking proper steps to increase the MQL ROI can bring incredible results thus leading to higher conversions and more business.

Here are some aspects that can make the MQL ROI a reality and make it is easy to achieve too:

Monitoring MQL Leads:

Monitoring leads bring more control over the process of B2B lead generation. Monitoring also goes a long way in bringing business. Since the number of leads can vary each day; it is best to monitor leads on an everyday basis. Having monthly goals is a good practice, but breaking down these monthly goals and monitoring the lead quality and lead generation results on each business day can further simplify the process and make lead generation easy to measure. This accountability will invariably lead to more focused efforts and results too.

Monitoring Traffic:

Monitoring traffic is very crucial as much as lead-monitoring! Your website can be your lead magnet, so monitoring your website traffic can prove insightful when it comes to measuring the probable quality leads. Visitors can be prospects who want to know more about your brand and what you have got to offer them. This organic traffic is very crucial and hence monitoring this traffic consistently can help engage and nurture prospects. MQLs can be identified amid these visitors who have shown interest in engaging with you.

Person-Driven MQLS:

If you shift the perspective from treating a lead more like a person than just a lead, you will witness a shift in the interest of the prospect too. Hence persona-driven sales and marketing are important.

Persona driven marketing is important because it helps narrow down the marketing qualified leads (MQL) strategy and it almost always facilitates a better focus for the sales team to bring in results. Creating personas can help you nurture them better and is a sure shot way to convert more leads at the end of the day. There isn't a better way to go about lead generation than wanting to put in the efforts of knowing your prospect well. In fact, it can help in building better relations with the prospects who would then want to choose you for business.


Several aspects of lead generation such as MQLs, SQLs, BANT leads makes lead generation a more process-oriented and strategic activity that can ensure leads. However; a strong MQL strategy is an important ingredient of your sales funnel. If the marketing and sales teams are well aligned; the organization can bring in more leads that really convert. A defined and well-structured MQL strategy that is easy to implement will always almost reduce the efforts of the sales team and can act as an ROI catalyst.