Why Study Astrology?

Some state astrology is an art, others call it a sacred science fiction. But first of all, astrology is a language. It's a universe of symbols which make it feasible to see and chat about all kinds of subtle features from the character.

In regards to knowing yourself and others, astrology may bring unexpected insights. Looking at a person's astrological chart, lots of motives and attitudes look totally different. Deeper significance shows through all kinds of mundane capabilities.
By way of instance, assume you have a buddy who's fastidiously clean, to the point of obsession. You may be amazed, or maybe irritated. Put in your astrologer's hat and you'll notice a gorgeous example of the Saturn planetary force. With somebody who loves to talk on endlessly about individuals and who said what to whom - rather than being bored, you will realize the planetary force of the Moon at playwith.
As it's a symbolic speech, astrology is a powerful tool for self discovery. When you examine astrology, you devote a great deal of time studying your chart, in each potential modality and drawing kind it is possible to find. Every fresh drawing of your astrological chart is just another mirror to your self, and also the chance to obtain insight into a specific aspect of your self.
Having immersed yourself in this study of your chart, you're almost sure to alter a few of the views you hold on your fundamental nature. You locate new perspectives on motives for a lot of your previous choices, attitudes and actions. Throughout the graph, new aspects of yourself are all emphasized, and strong keys for self-transformation work are shown.