Why Content Syndication Could Be Your Success Mantra for B2B Lead Generation

Content Syndication has been there in B2B industry for long; but it is only now that organizations are witnessing a surge in its popularity and rightly so!

Content Syndication is in vogue; in fact it has been for some time and for all the right reasons! Syndicating content is not duplicating content; it is distributing content on various different channels and platforms. The whole purpose of content syndication is to make your content available across the web and reach the audience that it deserves.

Multiple location content publication helps the original source of content to get a lot of traffic and thus more leads. Thus content syndication can phenomenally help B2B organizations get more leads.

Your Content is an Asset for Lead Generation, Optimize it!

Heard that before? Well, you heard it right!

Content Syndication is optimizing your content assets to bring more traffic and more leads to you.

The traditional benefits of content syndication are typically about increasing website traffic, enhancing social presence, and building brand awareness.

Content Syndication is primarily a collaborative effort that also allows you to connect with new prospects

How much is too much and how much content syndication is enough could be the epic question when it comes to content syndication. However, content syndication is never enough because it is an ongoing process; one that augments sales if done more consistently. There is no timeline as it should be a consistent program in your content marketing strategy.

Content Marketing Institute is an exemplary use case for content syndication. CMI has an incredible following on twitter, thousands of visitors on their blog and yet they donít shy away from content syndication. This only proves that content syndication is good for one and all; whether you are a start-up or an established organization or your content marketing efforts are already getting you high traffic, views and engagement on social media; content syndication is the best ongoing strategy for you.

So how do you syndicate content? Here are some of the ways you can adopt for accelerating content syndication efforts.

Social Syndication:

A unique method; wherein two brands collaborate to promote each otherís content for more leads and enhanced visibility. This kind of symbiotic activity is also called as content swapping that has fetched good results for many companies today.

Guest Blogging:

A highly popular type of content syndication activity; this is a great way to distribute your blogs or other forms of content on other websites for more viewership and enhanced reach. It does yield great results, as many of these websites that welcome guest posts have good filtration systems and editorial teams that allow only good content on their websites. You not only get worldwide readership; you also get to be amid one of the best content creators from all over the world. This indirectly helps in brand building and brand awareness too thus bestowing a more creditable brand value on to your organization.

For content syndication to work well for your organization, you need to evaluate the type of syndication you need and the frequency too. Content syndication is serious business and it sure needs a comprehensive strategy in place to make it a success.

Content Assets that align with your goals:

It is important to set your intention about content syndication very clear, as it will allow you to align your CS goals with your business goals. For example a case study could be your gated content to get you the right information about a prospect. On the other hand, frequent guest blogging could create great traffic too for your website and thus more leads.

In general, short form content is widely read as people do not have too much time to invest in reading lengthy content pieces. Blogs, articles, case studies, white papers, e-books, Infographics, Webinars are some of the most popular content syndication options that can get you the desired results.

Select the right partner for syndication:

As much as the asset is important; the partner with whom you collaborate for content syndication is crucial too. An experienced, expert who has deep know-how of content syndication and who also knows the importance of segmenting their audiences for better reach can get your content across to the right people at the right time.


Content syndication is gaining importance and for most B2B organizations; it is a boon to the business. It is up to you to make the most out of content assets with a great content syndication strategy that helps your brand get the deserved visibility and asll the good leads that you have been expecting.