Warbirds Away! Visit the Commemorative Air Force Museum in Mesa, AZ

Are you aware we have among America's greatest air museums right here in Mesa? This wonderful institution is a functioning aircraft recovery and repair center, also will be home to an extraordinary fleet of restored aircraft.

The flagship of the fleet is that the completely restored and totally airworthy B-17G Sentimental Journey. There aren't many matters more awe inspiring than watching, feeling and hearing that this warbird rumbling on your mind at low elevation!
You could even see firsthand job planes which are in a variety of stages of recovery or maintenance. The actual treat, however is moving out into the tarmac and seeing the warbirds themselves. Museum docents are available to discuss stories of the experiences in conflict and steer you through the recovery procedure. Sometimes a WWII vet may also stop by to discuss his expertise! You're free to ramble; often times that the airplanes are available that you have a glimpse, or perhaps climb aboard! Being indoors exemplifies the hardships and risks airmen endured every day in conflict.
Are you prepared to measure the trip up a notch? There are rides out there in seven WWII era planes, such as Sentimental Journey. All cash from ticket purchases move towards restorations along with the substantial cost of fuel. The memorial is an educational nonprofit 501(c)(3) organization run almost exclusively by volunteers; all contributions are welcome! Be mindful that a number of the airplanes leave from the summer to join in the nationally Flying Legends of Victory Tour. Flying aboard a few of those beauties may be the joy of a life!
Quoted from the site:"For the instruction and enjoyment of current and future generations of Americans, our fleet of historical aircraft reestablish, remind, and fortify the lessons learned in the defining moments in American military aviation history." As we lose an increasing number of members of the Greatest Generation, it's very important to continue to keep their history alive, and the Commemorative Air Force is leading the way.