Survival Tips For Chemo and Radiation - Part 1

I can't tell you exactly how many girls I talk to this have regrets about moving the conventional chemo-radiation route. I've heard stories of finger nails turning blue and black and finally falling off, colon and esophageal disorders, rotting teeth, heart disease, nerve damage, diabetes, hair loss, skin from radiation burns, and weight reduction, weight reduction... and the list continues. The great thing is that your body is able to repair and cure from such toxic therapies, provided particular nutrients.

Let us begin with the unwanted effects of Radiation.
I seen my mother receiving radiation burns because of radiation treatment for esophageal cancer. It stayed that way for ages.
Medical radiation may lessen the tumor loading initially, but it's doing nothing to deal with the stem stem cells that are responsible for re-seeding and fueling the growth of the tumor. |}In reality, greater radiation exposure was demonstrated to maximize your Breast cancer risk.
Clastogenic Factors (CFs) were first described in the bloodstream of men enhancement inadvertently or for therapeutic reasons. These variables are described as mutagenic, because they split up chromosomes and frequently lead to the growth of cancerous cells.
But do not despair and believe that when you're radiated there's not any expectation for the body to fix itself. My buddy from"down below", Jillian Exton, has compiled a listing of nutritional supplements based on clinical study which could enable you to conquer the side-effects of radiation. Her novel,"What Is Your Strategy" is essential for anybody that has been through the classic toxic therapies.
Jillian wrote this novel after undergoing surgery, radiation and chemotherapy. She had been looking for natural approaches to handle the side effects of her therapy. Discussions with her healthcare team on potential supplementation with a variety of nutrients always caused the demand for clinical trials and proof, so as to make informed decisions. And thus the seed to the publication was planted.
Listed below are a Couple of of the recommendations in her novel on managing side effects of radiation:
Astragalus is an herb used in traditional Oriental Medicine to encourage the Immune System. It's anti-tumor results and reduces organ damage from radiation.It improved survival in mice treated with radiation.
Bioflavonoids like genistein and soy isoflavones have been shown to lower the side effects of radiation, boost cancer cell death by decreasing the cancer cells' capacity to self-repair. All these bioflavonoids have anti inflammatory properties.
Curcumin is among my preferred anti inflammatory herbs also contains powerful anti-tumor properties. It's a rather protective influence on radiation.
Omega 3 Fatty Acids are crucial for reducing inflammation and also have well recognized anti-cancer advantages. A recent research conducted in 2011 revealed the protective effect in healthy cells but improved the potency of the radiation on cells.
Ginko Biloba Extract is a herbal that's saturated in anti-oxidants. Anti-oxidants within this infusion decreased the blood markers of radiation exposure in people which were subjected to ionizing radiation due to their occupation.
I'll incorporate one of my preferred methods to overcome the consequences of radiation... miso. I really don't have a certain research on this, as I discovered this years ago when I had been studying and implementing the Macrobiotic Diet from Mishio Kushi. Following the dreadful events of Hiroshima on account of the atomic bombing, radiation accidents were rampant.But, doctors noticed that the individuals who still had access for their everyday cup of miso (fermented soy bean paste) had fewer radiation side effects in comparison to people with no miso soup.
Seemingly the germs in the miso would permeate the radiation and then expel it in the entire body in a faster pace. More recent studies have proven that miso has a protective effect from radiation.
If you're on a healing journey or you know somebody that's suffering due to conventional cancer therapies, please discuss this information together. Implementing the principle in Jillian's book can create their experience less traumatic and also a bit more agreeable. The following article will be on survival strategies for chemotherapy.