Simple Possession of Marijuana in Florida

Possession of 20 g or less of marijuana may cause a criminal charge of simple possession. Regardless of the title of this crime indicating that such instances are rather simple, this crime is anything but. In reality, an alleged criminal will immediately realize that a conviction could cause numerous complications in her or his life.

Under Florida Statute ยง 893.13, ownership can be real or constructive:
Real - Alleged offenders have physical possession of cannabis in their hands, in their men, in their garments, or in their immediate reach
Constructive - Alleged offenders Don't Have actual physical possession of marijuana, however have dominion and control over the bud, understanding that the controlled substance was within their presences, and also understanding that the medication was prohibited
The results can include:
In addition to the penalties listed above, an individual convicted of simple possession will have their driver's license suspended for a couple of decades. In addition, this kind of drug conviction can influence a individual's capacity for government help (like student loans) and leave them ineligible for state accreditation, public housing, and particular tasks.
While easy possession allegations could be overpowering, there are various defenses which could have the ability to enable someone have these bud charges dismissed or reduced. Based upon the particular conditions of a Individual's situation, potential defenses may include, but are not Limited to:
Illegal search and seizure
No comprehension of cannabis ownership
No likely cause
Again, there's scarcely anything"easy" about any kind of marijuana crime. It's necessary for any man that has been detained for a cannabis fee to take the offender allegations very seriously. It's a mistake to presume that the term easy possession ensures that a prosecutor will"go easy" on alleged criminals, and some other individual confronting these fees need to make certain to put money into a competent criminal defense to prevent all long-term and immediate consequences.