RC0-903 Certification Score

Query: 1 )

An individual wishes to immediately share images between mobile devices. The apparatus are going to be in close proximity hence the requirement of a third party support or another networking device isn't required. Which of these is the very best option for this situation?
D. WiFi
Response: A
Query: 2
Which of these would have to be allowed on a cell phone to talk about its Internet connection with several devices concurrently?
B. Bluetooth
C. Hotspot
D. Tethering
Response: C
Query: 3
Android telephones are usually different from other smartphone devices in that:
A. Android apparatus use programs which are more protected than other apparatus.
B. Android apparatus utilize open source operating systems.
C. Android apparatus can only function with a proprietary operating system.
D. Android apparatus can receive programs from various sources.
Response: B
Query: 4
Lately a firm updated their network infrastructure. An individual reports that a notebook is experiencing slower network rates since the upgrade. Which of these would the tech substitute, rather than buy a new device?
A. Wireless NIC
D. Hard drive
Response: A
Query: 5
Legacy applications has to be set up onto a netbook. Which of the following is MOST likely needed to be able to install the program?
A. Lightning jack
B. Bluetooth adapter
C. USB optical drive
D. NFC processor

Response: C

Query: 6
Wearable exercise monitoring devices use which of these technology to ascertain user action levels?
A. Digitizer
B. Gyroscope
C. Accelerometer
D. Inverter
Response: C
Query: 7
An individual, Ann, is planning to travel abroad and would like to make sure that her notebook will do the job correctly. Which of these elements of the notebook ought to be confirmed FIRST to guarantee electricity compatibility prior to traveling?
A. Wall adapter
B. Battery
C. Power supply
D. Digitizer
Response: A
Query: 8
A notebook is set up at a podium for a demonstration but is put to desktop. The presenter wants it to reveal precisely what the notebook screen is revealing. Which of these are the fastest way to reach this?
A. Search for the setting in control panel
B. Toggle the double screen function key
C. Change the display orientation
D. Reboot the notebook
Response: B
Query: 9
A notebook has a network interface which isn't working wireless and consistently is out of scope. Which of these would the tech do to rapidly get the notebook back to the wired community?
A. Use a USB to RJ-45 dongle
B. Enable Bluetooth
C. Enable NIC teaming
D. Change the motherboard
Response: A
Query: 10
A client wants the thinnest notebook potential. Which of these screen technologies typically allows for thinner apparatus?
D. DisplayPort
Response: B
Query: 11
Which of these elements is in charge of converting light into electronic information?
A. Microphone
B. Digitizer
C. Inverter
D. Webcam
Response: D
Query: 12
A client brings a notebook in for repair, since the display picture is upside down. Which of these is the Optimal Solution?
A. Change the display orientation
B. Replace the video card
C. Connect an external screen
D. Update the video card drivers
Response: A
Query: 13
An individual is asking a cable to control and transfer information to get an Apple mobile apparatus. Which of these link types would suit the consumer's requirements?
A. MicroUSB
B. Molex
C. MiniUSB
D. Lightning
Response: D
Query: 14
An individual reports that the cursor jumps into arbitrary display places when typing on a notebook computer. Which of these apparatus is MOST likely causing this?
A. The touchpad
B. The mouse wheel
C. The multimedia keys
D. The digitizer
Response: A
Query: 15
An individual has asked a system that might be used to get web-conferences while off from work. The apparatus will largely be used for emailing, record reviewing, and telephone calls. Which of these cellular devices would a tech probably advocate?
A. Tablet
B. Smart camera
C. Phablet
D. Internet camera
Response: C