New Book Offers Answers to Science Puzzles With Life-Affirming Answers

The Unitive Field is an astonishing book. It is filled with colour and attractive images, but furthermore, thoughts that are sensory as large as the black holes in a few of its pictures.

Fredrick Swaroop Honig's aim in writing this book is to unite the science of mathematics together with all the science of awareness. Honig accomplishes that goal with fantastic simplicity within this brief 140-page publication that'll leave you full of wonder and needing to see it again to be certain that you did not overlook anything.
The publication is organized into twelve principal stages, each one asking a basic question which remains unanswered from the present standard model of mathematics. Honig subsequently provides insightful answers to those queries. While I am not a scientist, I discovered the replies intriguing and life-affirming.
He points out that Einstein"spent the next half of his entire life looking for a single concept that could explain all of the laws of mathematics. He considered that all nature's laws could be clarified by one basic law he predicted Unified Field Theory." Honig also points out that such as his maternal grandma's cousin, Lise Meitner, that he had been invited to"confer with your parents but believe on your own."
Some of the twelve questions Honig inquires are: The number of measurements exist in the world? What's the essence of understanding, and how did it appear? Will the world continue to enlarge, or can it contract back to singularity?
Honig subsequently provides answers to every question, and even though every chapter is relatively brief, each one can be jammed with more info than I will explain in this brief review. And so, I'll only mention some of those things that amazed and thrilled me.
One was the notion of a Hreem, the energy of their life force, and the way it ties to some monster's purpose and desire to live. Honig lists distinct animals in the world and the potency of the desire to exist, or even more especially,"that the magnitudes of their Hreem induce's causal goals (ci) from the evolutionary progress of life forms" He states that"a virus comes with a goal to reside and propagate that's equal to .01 Hreem." In contrast, a bird is 10,000 along with an individual's is 1,000,000. For me personally, while I admire all kinds of life, this explained to me a whole lot about lifespans of different organisms in addition to the level of the precariousness of their presence.
We are living in a culture filled with despair and gloom and forecasts of the planet's impending devastation, however, Honig discusses the way the world develops and extends through cycles of 144 billion decades. He says,"Based on Unitive Field Theory, just the expansive force of this significant launch along with the contractive gravitational force of this world's collective mass-energy ascertain this growth speed. As a result, the world's rate of growth isn't increasing. The world will finally recycle back to the singularity, and not 1 atom, nor a calorie of energy, will probably be lost in the procedure." Additionally,"Unitive Field Theory predicts that the world will reverse its growth within 72 billion years by the significant launch and will, over the following 72 billion decades, contract and return to its own primal singularity... That is an eternal cycle. All of character goes in cycles; you will find not any one way excursions in character. This world is going to be recycled in the next world."
I imagine this announcement means that the entire world could be ruined, but if this occurs, to a degree, we're eternal since not"a calorie of energy, will probably be dropped in the procedure."
Since Honig concludes,"Actually, we're one. There's not any division between usbetween usand the Unitive Area itself. There is just one Unitive area of awareness, and we're all pieces of the area, and in precisely the exact same time, one together with the area itself. As a wave is one with the sea, at precisely the exact same time, it's a wave. So we're one with the area , even if we've got localized understanding."
I will leave this up to the scientists to ascertain how precise it is. What I understand from studying it is, finally, what I have always known-that our lives matter, that there isn't any departure, and our goal on the ground, as Honig says, is"to be of support. Live to function and you'll be aligned with all the causal intention of Unitive Consciousness."
Should you read this novel, I think you may come away a better person since you're a wiser one. You may understand the reason it's the correct issue to become kind and just how closely we're connected to one another. I thank Fredrick Swaroop Honig for bringing this informative article to our planet in a means which produces the most complex science comprehensible since, in fact, in all its sophistication, the world has perfect stability in its own design.