Medical Marijuana Shown to Help Patients With Crohn's Disease

Marijuana May Assist with Crohn's Disease

Crohn's disease is an autoimmune disorder which causes the body's immune system to attack the wholesome cells and portions of a individual's gastrointestinal tract. This causes inflammation, which may result in numerous symptoms such as abdominal pain, fever, rectal bleeding, weight reduction, fistulas, nausea, and much more. Crohn's is a unfortunate disorder which affects many.
Studies Show Cannabis Helps with GI Issues
Luckily a new clinical research to emerge from Pharmacology and the National Institute of Health reveals there might well be a new and powerful means of treating Crohn's disease by means of medicinal marijuana. The analysis really shows that cannabis is successful in helping individuals that suffer from the illness. Scientists have discovered that cannabis is helpful in helping to decrease inflammation of the gut, and it's proving to be useful with Chron's and other related ailments.
Crohn's disease is a chronic illness, and this also implies that after somebody has it, he or she has it for life. However, the disorder may go into remission, and through those intervals, the victim might not experience any signs. They will sometimes have"flare ups" of this illness. Though there's absolutely no surefire cure of this disease, other recent studies are showing that not only does cannabis assist with the inflammation and inflammation, it might also help achieve a complete remission of this illness.
Obviously, before victims become overly excited about this information, they need to remember it is still fairly early, and lots of the reports are anecdotal. Clinical Gastroenterology and Hepatology released a study that analyzed the ramifications that medical marijuana usage has on patients with Crohn's disease. The research features only twenty subjects, but it demonstrates that the bud was able to care for the symptoms in nearly all the sufferers, and others had total remission.
The research comprised eleven subjects who could take two joints of medical marijuana every day for a period of sixty days. Another ten sufferers were the placebo group. From the eleven patients with marijuana, five had complete remission of the symptoms and could increase their sleep in addition to enhance their desire. Ten out of the eleven attained at least a portion of favorable clinical reaction from using the medication.
Though Crohn's disease doesn't have a cure - remission isn't a genuine cure - it demonstrates there is hope and promise to individuals that suffer from the illness. The addition of cannabis to their medical remedies are the best way to help them cope with their illness.
Around half a million people in the USA suffer with this disorder.

Florida medical marijuana patients should talk with their physicians and GI pros about the potential for obtaining a prescription for medical marijuana to help them. It could help to get your GI tract and life back in order.