lost treasure! Is it important to have a gaming keyboard and mouse ?!

Many of us are aware of the importance of PCs to game developers, and one of the main reasons for this could be the gaming community's interest in (and we call them) online and online games. Many games these days are computerized or transferred from a foundation to a computer from a first person perspective, or FPS shooter games primarily aimed at the owner of a PC, since this is easy using a mouse and keyboard. Play this type of game (keyboard) and many other games. As people's interest in PC games grows and famous games are launched, gamers can purchase a competitive computer and provide them with an exceptional gaming experience that will allow them to take part in the world championships for various games that have become vital.

However, at present, many players, when choosing computer parts to participate in cooperative games that depend on the online scene, ignore some of the points to enjoy an unrivaled gaming experience. There is no doubt that one of the most important factors among these factors is to do your computer differently. The performance aspect is the hardware on the same computer as the graphics card, CPU and RAM, but there are some other factors that give you a different style of play than other players. Dear reader, to transform you from a traditional amateur world into a professional one, we are here to talk about gaming mouse and keyboard.

Lost treasure! Is it important to have a gaming keyboard and mouse? mouse and keyboard
Some of you may be wondering and wondering, "What do the gaming keyboard and mouse offer me? Are they all excuses for amateurs?" You may be an experienced and experienced player in the game, but please allow me to tell you some dear and important readers. Even if you're one of the most experienced players in the game, you can't get to the professional level without professional tools ... Of course, you can use a traditional mouse and keyboard, but you won't get the gaming experience you deserve just can't achieve the gaming experience it deserves. To understand it, or in other words, "It is not the intention of the performance." It's like taking part in a Formula 1 race and taking part in a traditional car with no more than 100 horses.
But why is it all about keyboards and mice? Well, we'll discuss in the next few lines and the advantages of using a gaming mouse and keyboard over a traditional mouse and keyboard.
Many players spend most of their time playing. Therefore, the tools they use most often must be comfortable to play with, as prolonged play leads to sweaty hands and joint fatigue. Therefore, a comfortable mouse and keyboard is very important. The mouse must be made of plastic so that finger fat does not accumulate and the player does not sweat massively. This is surely the cause of a bad gaming experience.
This is what a professional mouse can offer, as it offers players a light weight that allows them to move comfortably without feeling the slightest feeling of fatigue. Players don't have to be the weight of a mouse, which creates more fatigue, yes, the weight is very light, that doesn't seem to be important at first glance, but it takes a while for Al Taweelah's fatigue and exhaustion to get into the hands of Player's slip, in which case the weight of the mouse is crucial. Therefore, in addition to the antiperspirant material consisting of professional mice, professional mice also have the characteristics of lightness and thus offer an extended gaming experience without fatigue or inconvenience.

The responsiveness of the mouse and keyboard is one of the most important factors in providing players with the professional gaming experience I'm talking about. So if the mouse and keyboard are boring and delay or delay, how about? play a game and merge with the game? Advantages. Therefore, there is a common term in the professional gaming community, the DPI, which is an abbreviation for points per inch or the number of body movements per inch.
The higher the mouse's DPI, the faster the mouse moves on the screen. For example, if the DPI rate is 3000 dots, you can move the mouse by simply touching the screen to improve the speed and mobility of the game. Most professional mice also have a DPI speed control in the middle of the mouse. With this controller, you can easily switch between different DPI speeds to achieve different goals, game types and users.

Longer battery life:
The mouse and keyboard are available in a wired and wireless version, so people with visual impairments or who like to play remote-controlled games can do so without the need for a short or damaged cable. Therefore, companies often provide this functionality via a keyboard and a mouse. The question for gamers, however, is whether the batteries in these wireless devices can withstand, for example, when nobody wants to be in an epic battle with a mouse or keyboard.
As a result, gaming Laptop offer this feature, which is the longest battery life for a mouse and keyboard, so you don't have to worry about the battery that consumes catastrophic power. while playing, since some copies of the mouse or keyboard can be loaded, which means greater possibilities and more comfort.

Participation rate:
The question rate is one of the most important factors in a professional mouse. It determines the accuracy of the mouse response. The query rate measures how often the computer positions the mouse pointer per second and measures it in Hertz. The query rate of a wired mouse is 100 Hz, twice that of a wireless mouse, but according to Shit, this difference is too easy to see.
Quality and accuracy of the sensor:
The mouse sensor determines the accuracy with which it is determined that the movement of the physical mouse is compatible with the digital movement on the screen. This means that the movement on the screen fully reflects the physical movement without any delay or speed. Excessive, which allows the player to move properly in the game. Especially in time and emergency situations in the game. Therefore, gaming mice and keyboards offer a better and more precise gaming experience than any mouse traditionally available.
Other buttons:
In addition, in most cases, the professional wireless mouse has other buttons that can be customized depending on the gaming experience, as well as other features such as lens charging or switching weapons and other features that vary from game to game. , These additional keys move the focus from the left side of the keyboard to the right side of the mouse, so the left hand is for mobile tasks only and the right hand is for everything related to weapons, such as (of course, shooting games).

And the keyboard?
The design of an ordinary keyboard is called a Membarne keyboard. All buttons are located on a rubber plate, which consists of three layers of circles arranged in a plastic mold and located along the plate.
How does a normal keyboard work?
When the user presses the switch fully, the rubber part at the bottom of the button touches the first circle in the plastic mold and then touches the layers underneath one after the other, thereby locking and closing the circuit, sending a signal to the computer. The density of the rubber used in the plate determines the degree of work required for the plate to be pressed by the button. In contrast to the mechanical control panel, the normal control panel is not affected by the button. If the button is not pressed until it touches the first circle, the user gets tired in the long run. Generally, the distance required to apply the cut to a normal plate is approximately 3.5 to 4 mm.
Mechanical keyboard
The basic difference between conventional and mechanical keyboards is that, unlike conventional keyboards, each key on a mechanical keyboard has its own key that is independent of the second key. The difference between these keys and the rubber keys is that the user does not have to press the key to the end (full stroke), which means that when the key is at the maximum distance, the key can travel 4 mm and the key only responds when cutting 2 mm. The quality of the mechanical control panel depends on the quality of the keys and the printing of numbers and letters on the surface of the keys
Therefore, the availability of a mechanical keyboard not only offers a higher response speed for the player, as only one push of a button is required (you don't have to press it all the way down). The printing speed and the lower resistance of the keys can be used for greater comfort, and the uniqueness of each key leads to greater precision. In the case of a mechanical keyboard, it has its own key, which is independent of the second key and is different from the previously mentioned conventional keyboard.
After a long discussion about consoles and mice, are you still questioning the importance of these professional tools, which can definitely differentiate you from your professional field? I will answer this question for you: whether you are a traditional player who wants to enter the professional world or a former player who wants to reach the top, the gaming keyboard and mouse offer you the best experience, the most comfortable and the best exactly.