Lip Piercings 101


Named after the musical icon, then the Madonna piercing is put on the ideal side of their face just above the top lip. The precise place of Madonna's very own mole.
There is no longer iconic beauty mark compared to Marilyn Monroe's.
While regarded as a lip piercing, using a labret that the lip is not technically pierced. The labret is right under the bottom lip over the chin.
The medusa piercing is put in that small dip on the surface of your lip beneath the nose. Placement is significant here, since you do not wish to throw the symmetry of your face. So find a fantastic piercer.
Vertical Labret
A vertical labret includes two holes. One is at precisely the exact same place as a normal labret, together with the next hole coming from the center of the lip.
Jestrum piercings, also referred to as vertical medusas, are put in the dip over the top lip with another end coming from the bottom of the top lip.
Spider Bites
Spider sting piercings are a set of piercings near together. Obtaining two piercings so close together in precisely the exact same time may be painful, so you have been warned.
Angel Bites
Angel sting piercings are just two equally divided piercings on the top lip. Snake bite piercings would be the contrary of the.
Cyber Bites
1 hole is set in the centre just over the upper lip with another hole at the centre just below the bottom lip.
Dolphin Bites
Dolphin sting piercings are just two piercings based on the lower lip near together. They are much like snake sting piercings just closer in space.
Dahlia Bites
Dahlia piercings are finished in the corner of their mouth. It is possible to have them completed in pairs or just one done. They are rings but figurines are more popular.
Canine Bites
2 piercings are put over the top lip with a space between them, together with 2 placed even spaced under the lip.
Snake Bites
This piercing can be accomplished with either stud or rings.
Shark Bites
Shark bites are just two close together piercings on both sides of the lip. This can be four piercings complete. It's basically double snake bites.
Horizontal Lip
Flat lip piercings involve placing a flat barbell through the middle of the lip gloss.
The Ashley piercing is among the most well-known piercings. It's a single piercing positioned in the middle of the lip gloss. It's still a rather new piercing so make sure you have it done by a specialist.