Jesus' Triumphal Entry Into Jerusalem

Beautiful abstract notions are nearly valueless unless we could nail down them almost in our daily life.

The story of Jesus entering Jerusalem, riding on a donkey and her foal concurrently, is truly one of the fantastic biblical conundrums: how this dual riding effort is reached, while also contemplating: Mark 10-32"Jesus and his disciples were now on the street going up to Jerusalem".
As we put out analyzing this wonderful parable esoterically, I am trusting that it will become clear that the writer of the scripture isn't describing or reporting on a physical, historic or a geographical occasion.
And since we consider each segment, let's pause repeatedly and assess our religious antenna - hearts, heads, internal ears and eyes are available to practicality, realism and older comprehension. This story isn't about multitudes of folks celebrating a celeb coming into city.The places referred to in this scripture are symbolism of the individual soul in migratory standing into higher levels of awareness.
Since the brain becomes recognized within Awakening consciousness, it will become insight-fully evident that conditions like Complete, TruthAbout Eternal Today, are countries accomplished through our own Greater Self. Gradually, with development of refined, purer realms of awareness, Total Pure Silence becomes manifest action, latent dynamism in our each purified sense or, manifestation of our own Truth. The soul encounter reminds of our frozen lifestyle in God character, but that standing lies dormant inside soul awaiting activation.
For this Glorious activation understanding, development is set up for the only intent of individuating Truth: human spirits gaining immediate God-contacting ability, consequently entrance into Kingdom consciousness. We are each potentiates of this complete, wired co-creators in-waiting. In recognizing this miracle-performing condition of consciousness, development works'faster' together with refinement of their respiratory system and purification of the nervous system to withstanding bliss, attained simultaneously through deep inner silence.
Once the white flag of self is unwavering on a daily basis, signalling aim to modify, then development functions unequivocally in educational and shifting which looking spirit on its wilderness travel to Universal consciousness.
For this Exalted outcome, the Bible addresses its own reader in codified style because of this. We hunt the inherent Grand Potential tangibly beyond sermonized words, past man-made-rhetoric and doctrines, which literal phraseology simply succeeds in anchors the brain in vibrant story material, thus bogging down it into myriad impractical belief methods. Rather, and our personal task in life is to consciously find, demystify Scripture's hidden significance and employ such practically throughout the living wilderness phases of human existence, consequently understanding actual spiritual growth. When accomplished inside, the Bible's directing effect is dwelt intuitively and less memorized tomes of words and religiosity belief -- that I discovered had the consequence of possessing the brain instead of freeing it. Meditation develops inner liberty, it enables us hear and see from the spirit, it supply the Revelation insights needed for private spiritual awakening. And while biblical words are beautifully descriptive and entertainingly story-like in makeup, they are intention is seriously educational. Within this circumstance, each has to do their 'realization' work. Nobody else can do so for us. .
Keeping this in mind, let's start esoteric interpretation of Mark 11: 1-14 blending Matthew 21: two and John 20: 4.
"As they approached Jerusalem, {near|close to} the {towns|cities} of Bethany and Bethphage, they arrived into the Mount of Olives" -
"Jerusalem" is emblematic of soul awakening, of entering the fourth Chakra, coming upon heart-centered consciousness. 'As they approached Jerusalem' representing a span before enlightenment: the procedures of soul-awakening starts with consciousness of separation from organic soul happiness. This is normally when, for the very first time, we start taking positive actions in remedying endless suffering in our everyday life -- of lower-self-ruling over greater self. Currently, having improved in purification - growth of consciousness and comprehension, we are getting ready for a more deepening awakening of religious character through 4th chakra. The expression Jerusalem describes Uru-Salem significance, City of Peace.
Bethany -- pre-enlightened or carnal condition -- suggests:"place inside /home of dates, or condition of distress, sickness" or, unresolved karmic patterns. The evolutionary cross-over bridge , biblical wilderness, which the individual soul experiences, grows through in getting whole, becoming mindful.{When {capacity|ability} of conscious option, amidst lower-self or carnal mind temptation, is current. The liberating process from the primitive animistic codification, by the cocoon of the collective unconscious addictive thought patterns.
Bethphage is famous for"location within /home of unripe figs": individual enjoy substituting into Divine or cosmic normal for saying as love-ripened, entirely experienced fig nature. Collectively, Bethany and Bethphage represent evolutionary phases of the individual soul to living Kingdom consciousness and its succeeding vibratory expression. Bethphage, we can say, is that knowingly alert in the wilderness component of consciousness.
For this divinization, a protocol is in place for empowering religious awakening, a medium by which'in-season' fig saying is possible throughout the year. The protocol contains first heart-intended choice, followed by adherence to a purification procedure for the internal faculties like the nervous system, five senses, and also the harmonization of complete brain action, which faculties alleviate reverberation of the seven chakras' outpouring to awareness.
This divinely setup protocol requires nothing less than the aware partaking of our private wilderness, our conscious development unto our indwelling Christ-birthing and outside which'past' also incorporates action at Spirit degree. This is the very important requirement of daily meditation thus birthing Spirit character unto consciousness.
We are educated, Jesus rode into Jerusalem in the east. Biblical'east' is speaking to the right-side mind, thereby triggering the adrenal gland which subsequently activates pineal gland, hence the activating of our spirit unto higher spiritual dimensions.
At this time can it said, the mind itself, left or right side, doesn't create happiness, instead than the pineal gland, holy of hollies. Since the awakened kundalini moves up from its coiled place in the bottom chakra, upward along the spine and to the summit pineal chakra, it subsequently more completely awakens all chakras simultaneously.
This procedure further activates the darker areas of right-side mind and its own latent esoteric or enigmatical content where we encounter Self-revealing wisdom for additional soul development. Kundalini progresses in the pituitary gland to the pineal gland -- for discharge of bliss, rapture. The pineal and pituitary glands equally lie together, involving the two brain hemispheres, and, on waking, shape the Mystical Marriage therefore abbreviated the 3rd Eye. In technical context, entering in the east represents the action of meditation and article meditation: alive mostly through pineal gland character. Complete brain function is the medium whereby Greater Self assimilation becomes perceptible to the nervous system, getting a permanently seated fact, or expertise of ever-expanding consciousness. This is when complete brain -- instead of left mind only and its own compulsive identification with carnal brain -- comes in to play, so spiritual soul discernment.
Bear in mind, it's the first Kundalini awakening at the bottom of their spine, leading up to crucifixion of prominent left mind, that finally hastens right brain. This then resulting in general psychological synchronicity of optimum brain coherence, for example, pineal action of bliss experiencing.
"Jesus" representing our very own divinely-encoded conscious awareness on its own inward and upward travel of living and gaining Inner-Christ or,'Kingdom of heaven' consciousness. Both apostles signify the subconscious and conscious element of brain: the organic separation of religious temperament present inside the mind, requiring unifying. They, the apostles, signify the viability attaching to individual involvement of soul awakening represented by'Jesus delivered', meaning, our very own intentional desire to internal spiritual understanding. Both'sent beforehand' apostles aren't named, but knowing will indicate James and John. This lively reflects an ideal internal mechanics. John representing nearness of intention to Christ, right mind, also, James, representing the very first psychological aspect necessary, both forming a deliberate surge to internal unity, to general religious soul harmonization and Ascension.
"Go into the village there before you" --
Other scriptures state: visit village opposite you. That is the scripture, I believe, makes the internal procedure more comprehensible. 'Opposite' is speaking to focusing consciousness from the contrary direction, inward instead of outward. The village suggests the faculty of wisdom, Peter or ego-personality and its particular action with man-made truth and self-identifying. This irregular left mind alive, becomes intensely obvious the moment we shut our eyes in preparation for meditation or very prayer. The conscious brain is instantly faced by avalanches or'multitudes' of ideas: menus of believing choices offering all kinds of lower-nature enjoyment through the non-purified perceptions - that the'den of thieves' that Jesus, Jerusalem, finally melts from the Temple.
"When you arrive, You Will Discover a colt tied up which hasn't been ridden" --
'there' significance, encountering the internal chaos of scattered psychological activity. 'Tied up', meaning, because of our thoughts caught-up within this psychological turmoil, religious things become overshadowed, missed, refused religious oxygen. Thusour soul is from perspective, from touch with the Temple, meaning, our Christ sunlight is obstructed. 'Unridden colt' representing the non-disciplined, drifting intellect anticipating a soul-conscious'rider' giving leadership for certain spiritual motives and their manifest saying into awareness and substance existence
Let's digress to add a wider version of the Exact Same issue scripture, Matthew 21:2
"Go into the village ahead of you, and at once you'll find a donkey tied up along with her colt beside her. Today we've got two donkeys. So, this entire donkey-affair is made up of a single character birthing to the following, or, ego-personality surrendering to meditation so as to come upon Greater Self. It meansa foal /colt'birthing' by way of inner peace pioneered from the older donkey. Thus, untying, resulting in eventual foal arrival, takes place in awareness. "Donkey" is emblematic of peace, the purity character needed for soul sculpting; from the obstinate, rigidly-set egoic facet of brain dominance that's in desperate need of taming and breaking-in, emotionally. 'Donkey' also has positive aspects like durability - creature of weight - and skill of earning progress by intense intuition. Both apostles represent aspects of consciousness in demand release and growth. The outside donkey is way to internal foal.
Lower-self accomplishes Greater awareness by you, the'Jesus' consciousness. Metaphorically, this is the way Jesus rode both critters simultaneously into Jerusalem.
Like the parable of five loaves and 2 fishes, by entering into meditation, the internal spiritual faculties are created free, untied in the drag-influence of their non-purified perceptions and their compulsion with outer sexual satisfaction. So'bring them ' is speaking to bringing our sprinkled wisdom, of abandoned brain activity and its own crave-desiring character'here', to stillness and emotional silence.
"and If someone asks you what You're doing, inform him that the Master wants them and will send them back in once" --
'Master requires it' --'Master' in this scenario, nearly, is your Pituitary gland, that's the Master gland. This gland or mind chakra is that college which'requires it', meaning, demands the climbing Kundalini so it may merge in the pineal gland consequently birthing Third Eye or soul-perceiving ability. Jacob's character, we recall, was altered at the pineal, meaning that the unredeemed nature of the soul gets awakened, accomplished Mystical Union bliss.
The Guru has no requirement of a bodily donkey per-ce, only the calmness and tranquility connected with donkey. Therefore,'will send it back in once' significance, peace /serene and pleasure is reciprocal, immediately returned within awareness.
'Running' here signifies, entering meditation, entering to the grave of emptiness, in the silence of the brain /body, the biblical protocol referred to as the crucifixion, of undergoing only or, without the self bags. John, this can be emblematic of brain character or greater love'reaching grave ', representing that the Immanence of awakening Divinity. That, through first right mind'John' character, integration of wisdom, lower self or'Peter', happens.
"They went and found a colt outside in the road, tied into the doorway of a home" --
Put differently, instead of staying in the surface sensory degree of lifestyle, meditation activates understanding in Heightened consciousness, which skill lies beyond left mind lower self. Because of being tied into the door -- to conditioned psychological behavior and market place action -- the disorderly shaky wisdom, is not able to pass through the doorway, through the eye of this needle to the soothing, healing and neutralizing tranquil of Ocean-bed silence, path of religious advancement becoming private reality.
'guys' significance mental manifestations. The minute the conscious mind enters into silence, adjusted thoughts patterns or'guys' inevitably input, which is ordinary. As training improvements, matures, immunity to psychological silence declines, so is the way'men'tal action behave as'bystanders', passing. Instead of impediments to meditation advancement, coming and moving ideas are'viewed' without coping with them. Such psychological activity is unconscious content surfacing for aware integration, instead of restraining additional for future regeneration. Prevention of coming ideas into consciousness keeps the brain on the surface - not able to sink to deeper spirit silence.
'they', both'delivered beforehand apostles' in neutralizing psychological action were effective in carrying the consciousness 'colt' innocence that becomes vulnerable to its already Mature Christ or Mount character within anticipating consummation.
'Threw their cloaks' significance, surrendering attachment of the reduced honorable character unto the serenity of the internal foal. In expressing confidence in the transformation procedure, righteous acts start forming the cornerstone of emerging celestial consciousness.
A parallel comprehension of this donkey isalso, before religious awakening, a individual's apparently'normal' behavior is regarded as at'creature' degree of consciousness. At'creature' degree, humanity is thought to operate in the three lower degrees of waking, dreaming and deep sleep awareness - religious ignorance. Thus, through internal awakening, the soul starts its upward travel from these decreased levels of development to higher realmsbeyond.
'dispersing cloaks on the street' significance, with surrendered unto the recovery process, our life becomes orientated. Spreading of cloaks this is humbling of self love, humility unto inner God in adulthood demonstrating certainty of Heart. 'Cut branches at the areas': The brain (from the area ) cuts branches, representing, in meditation, the deeper brain withdraws institution with natural male mind-sets, together with lower-self programming. Subconsciously rooted turmoil, anger and anxiety, causal of inner-outer distress, are cutting off, decreasing as compulsory psychological action. 'Cut branches' representing, the brain accomplishes, encounters, release from bondage from philosophical inherited psychological allegiances.
We are reminded of this girl (soul) who jumped before the market place audience (ideas ) and in doing this, touched the Cloak of Jesus - His Divinity - that Divinity is present inside you. Jesus stated:"the energy has gone ". We touch our very own Divinity or Cloak via'branch-cutting' in meditation.
"The men and women that had been facing and those who followed began to yell"Praise God! -
'individuals' representing the multitudes of present and generational lacked thought patterns. All are currently in precisely the exact same vessel of humour through integration. A launch of sanctifying lighting is happening at the religious Heart, easing expurgation of subconsciousness. Our Heart in joyous praising manner observing the motto of Life within.
Since the mind accomplishes, or enters into a high state of awareness, the individual soul is drawn up, comes under the sway of Nature or Name of the Greater Power -- Divinity vibrating because our very own Being.
Having gained transcendental or expanding awareness, the spirit becomes'conscience' conscious of ethical and immoral -- synchronized together with the laws of nature, and past. By'past' is supposed: given that we are created in God's image /likeness, then the question arises, what degree of payoff has our spirit gained qualifying us 'hands on' co-creators and co-maintainers of their cosmos. The issue is answered in the subsequent line.
As normal individual consciousness develops, heavenly consciousness comes slowly and sharply into consideration. This degree of awareness permeates the trichotomy of brain /body /spirit, bringing healing to each facet - Divinity blossoms. The internal mechanics of mind, 5 perceptions, 12 Cranial nerves, backbone and chakras -- all of which were put up for the only goal of our spirit evolving to'past' through Today -- are currently experiencing Heightened standard. Therefore,'Jesus went to the Temple and looked around at all', representing instantaneous Light or greater consciousness expansion into each atom /cell of our body, into every nook and crevice of individual consciousness for growth in Greater Possible improvement.
'late in the afternoon', because the brain was advanced in joint meditation and'in the jungle' phases, recovery spreads into the internal anguish Bethany - the asleep temperament of the 12 apostles. In combination with our practice, the mindful stage of'wilderness' alive has served its goal of getting soul fruit posture. This unifying permits for pure touch with all the Mount of Olives, the pineal gland, origin of love, peace and pleasure. As self starts dropping its bronchial dominance, a feeling of absolute pleasure and pleasure flows.
"The following day, since they were coming back in Bethany, Jesus was hungry. He saw in the distance that a fig-tree coated with leavesso that he went to see whether he could locate any figs on it. However, when he arrived at it, he discovered just leaves, since it wasn't the perfect time for figs. Jesus stated to this fig-tree,'nobody will ever consume figs from you !
"along with also his disciples heard him" significance, the internal mechanics began stirring spiritually. 'Curses' is symbolism for control over our thought processes: a more favorable soul conclusion based on internal soul or strength certainty. 'The following day' representing a period of spiritual expansion. 'Saw from the space' significance, pure internal understanding. Therefore, having gained religious awakening from your soul-asleep encounter - Bethany - the brain today has ability of aware command over emotion and thought. When something is non-soul functioning, we've got the ability of earning conscious option, take control actions.
As a result of left /right brain harmonization, we have evolved into a high state of awareness. Our internal networking's are synchronized, working collaboratively through richly designed conscience. On entering and stirring right-side mind, and following pineal gland's'milk and honey' outpouring, the larger and critical picture of internal Jerusalem's stirring is shown. Cain befriends Abel, soul wracking wilderness, head befriends Heart, as you merged Promised Land consciousness.
Conclusion summary, the triumphal entry of Jesus into Jerusalem, on the foal of a donkey, to the encores of numerous bemused individuals, in character describes the practical procedure of the individual spirit transitioning from lower character into greater joyous character. By mindful use of learned lessons in our wilderness traversing, the River Jordan was successfully spanned. Alleluia!