Is the Second Amendment Responsible for the School Shootings in the United States?

The Santa Fe school shooting that claimed the lives of nine pupils and one instructor continue to enhance the series of school shootings from the USA. The deadly massacre of pupils in universities thrive even with the greater installation of school resource officers (SROs). In 2018 lately, America has dropped over 40 pupils to school shootings, and politicians continue to function their own messages of condolences to parents struggling in misery for the loss of the nearest and dearest. A plausible and sensible answer to this issue doesn't appear coming in the not too distant future.

Even in the middle of the confusion, we have to try to speculate about a few of the things which are helping the increasing incidences of school shootings, and that I can not help but wonder whether the next amendment has got anything to do with it. The U.S. Constitution lets American citizens the right to keep firearms for their own protection. Even though this may have seemed a noble movement to defend the American citizens in the time of beginning, the price of it's becoming overly weighty, claiming the lives of innocent and young Americans. Incidences of gun violence are on the growth in the USA, and also the remedy to the problem could just be embedded from the lawsuit procedure.
Although the next amendment only allows the issuance of firearms to adults, a few of those adults don't appear to deal with the firearms in the appropriate method. A few of the kids involved in school shootings are reported to utilize their parents' firearms to perpetrate the massacre. This, then, raises an important question of exactly how cautious would be the parents in managing their firearms? Why are kids having access to such firearms? The gun culture is highly untrue, and till it's controlled, we ought to expect more incidences such as the Santa Fe shootings.
Lately, the majority of the policymakers and leaders at the USA still feel that the solution to gun violence would be putting more guns in the roads. Texas governor Abbot, after the Santa Fe shooting, also proposed that teachers ought to be armed and equipped to respond to these cases of school shootings.The principal issue I ask myself is if the installation of SROs, who've been trained for decades, haven't solved the issue, how could arming the educators assist? Some politicians also have suggested raising background checks, and I am still stressed that this isn't a solution enough .
The only viable approach to resolve the issue of school shootings and gun violence from the U.S. is only to have the guns from the roads. Allow the police do the work they have been used to perform; to give safety to the American men and women. The black economy in america is filled with firearms, and before the national government makes a move to eliminate those firearms from the current market, through a potential change of this constitution, incidences of gun violence could just continue to happen, and this may claim many innocent and young lives.