Importance of art

I create paper poster paintings and enjoy painting with oil on canvas. I especially like learning new tactics and styles of art.

Importance of art

But for a while now I've been plagued with the question" Is artwork necessary?" I've felt maybe I need to put my time to use. Do something quite productive and rewarding. Do something which would enhance the planet, something constructive and possibly to make a huge difference. And find my objective. Yes, the continuing question - is that all there is? Unexpectedly making artwork began to feel like a sort of selfish indulgence. Like I have to have utilized my own time to do something much more significant. So I started to think whether any artwork was necessary for anyway.

Every day that I read the morning newspaper. I always read to keep myself informed of this information. The information is of crimes committed. Of terrible crimes against girls and small kids. Of folks afflicted by lack of water or a lot of it. Of the corrupt politicians ruining the social fabric for individual gain. Away Ill-informed individuals running the market to the floor. Hardly gives me some reason to grin in any way.

So while I've mostly felt just like Nero fiddling when Rome was burning off, I suddenly caught myself over the previous line there. The little animation Calvin and Hobbes appeared to be the sole thing relieving me from the persistent melancholy of the morning newspaper. The drawn animation with hardly three or four panels communicating an idea generally a witty one. Bringing the reader into the lifespan of a little child occasionally making the reader wonder where the story goes. I'm always compelled to see this animation. On mornings when I'm running late, I've got a quick glance at the animation. On vacations, I take the opportunity to sit down and marvel at the ability of this cartoonist. The way the stuffed tiger appears so living in 1 panel and enjoy a toy at the following.

So what's this animation if not artwork I asked myself? It supplies me with a temporary respite from the gloomy news and tediousness of the daily paper. So is not that art is supposed to do?

In a world plagued with despair perhaps art is similar to the clouds parting and allowing in a beam of sun. There'll always be death and destruction and tears and blood. There'll still be bad news and individuals in need of assistance. But art must exist also. Art supplies a type of relief to the dreariness of somebody's life. Maybe this might be why they left so much artwork in the previous centuries when daily life was a mill, and there was so much illness and suffering from plagues and wars. And now once we look artwork works in the past, we are uplifted and full of a feeling of amazement, of the greatness of the eyesight, of the enormity of the ability and also of the permanence of the functions.

This is the reason why art is essential. Although not all artwork can be contrasted to the fantastic masters, in its way, every art speaks to somebody. It elevates the spirit of its manufacturer and creates the viewer believe if just for a minute a glimpse into another world. And if it's excellent artwork, it makes the viewer pause and grin or be awed.

So art is essential. All artwork is necessary. I concluded that it had been necessary for me to continue to create art for myself personally and for the advantage of other people.