Hollywood Asks - Is Comedy Dead?

The Hollywood writers and writers can't understand why nobody is interested in seeing their sit-coms anymore on TV? The film industry's humor movies will also be getting killed at the box office. Stand-up humor is doing OK, but at the new PC planet, humor patterns often turn off half the crowd during any certain skit, throw in politics and you receive some headlines but comedians are broken and defeated. What happened? No, what actually happened? Is Hollywood in refusal?

Bear in mind the audience is obviously right, if they do not enjoy it, it simply ai not that great. And,'if and when' they do not enjoy it, they sure as hell do not need to cover it, or invest their valuable time listening or viewing it on TV.
Then, there was a very intriguing in article at the Wall Street Journal recently titled;"Comedy Slump Not a Laughing Matter," by Ben Fritz printed on June 26, 2018 which said:"Last month's most prosperous humor,"Girl's Trip," took in $117 million at the united states and Canada. The previous time that the year's highest grossing comedy grossed so modest was 1995when ticket prices were 52 percent less on average"
The article also said:"Conventional comedies are fighting for oxygen in the box office, captured between superhero sequels that incorporate laughs and a huge buffet of stand-up specials, sitcoms, amateur pranks and first movies on electronic services such as Netflix and YouTube."
What Ipersonally, as a movie critic author, have discovered, is that each and every sit-com appears to sweep against the PC civilization and quickly back-away, and assault the politically expedient right-side of this equation. Maybe this is due to the fact that the humor authors all live and operate in locations where most everybody has left-leaning political perspectives, and they presume it is amusing to everybody, and that if anybody does not like the jokes, even then they're dumb, or out of touch with reality.
Maybe, it's this feedback loop that has been tagged; the'Echo Chamber' in which conformational bias happens. Really, it barely matters what it is called or why it keeps occurring if nobody in Hollywood, late-night humor notices, since now that crowds are divided in half and each series is catering to the exact same half of the rest of the market, nobody is making any money, and crowds, yes, even on the left are becoming bored with all of it; it is simply not funny anymore.