God Is Not Dead

This is Actually the Scientific Age. Man needs evidence for everything. Even for the Presence of God!
However, God is beyond evidence. Scientists like Newton thought God. However, in this modern era once we can explain everything, is it possible to demonstrate the presence of God.
Now according to Quantum Science some scientists are attempting to demonstrate the presence of God. 1 such individual is Amit Goswami.
Goswami very strongly believes that the presence of God might be settled by scientific proof. He asserts already it's in God's favor.
He has two sort of proof specifically'the quantum signatures of this celestial' and'subtle domains of fact'.
Mental events are behaving to create physical events. This is referred to as downward causation.
An architect who'd love to construct a home will begin with an idea and then he'd make a blue print of this thought. Then he'll initiate the job.
Likewise now we're capable of seeing that the concept of God through Supramental (Body of Laws) and the routine via body. The body is His job.
The writer gives lots of illustrations according to scientific evidence to demonstrate his point that God Exists. He reveals that each of the sciences - mathematics, psychology, physics and medicine - want the hypothesis of downward causation.
For this Dalai Lama responded that when scientists could prove that reincarnation never occurs, he could change his mind.
However, Stevenson has accumulated a great deal of evidence in evidence of reincarnation.
The writer himself was encouraged to join with a group of scientists in a summit in Dharma Sala, India in 1999.
The 30 or so scientists introduced their thoughts into the cosmopolitan Dalai Lama. The seminar was aimed toward incorporating spirituality and science.
To be able to find out God one must give up materialistic perspective and embrace the path of Karma Yoga, doing great without anticipating the outcome there of.
The publication was written in a lucid fashion, so that an ordinary reader may understand our roots and how we ought to live. Amount of anecdotes are interwoven to spell out the fundamentals of quantum physics.
That's his and point.
People who think God, for them no excuse is essential. Atheists who don't think God will not take Him even after having sufficient proof. This novel is for the men and women who'd fortify their view as soon as they get fresh ideas based on scientific proof.

I very strongly suggest this book for all of the people, believers, non-believers and truth seekers.The book is printed by Jaico Publishing House, Mumbai, India.