Full Immersion Food Tour in Emilia Romagna – New Gourmet Tour for Food Lovers in Italy

When planning a trip to Italy you think of picture perfect postcard views, cultural treasures and architectural highlights and of course delicious food that will make you never want to eat a frozen pizza in your life. The good news almost no place in the Bel Paese disappoints visitors in these aspects, the only thing many of those who dream of a trip of a lifetime to Italy are the other tourists who have come to take in breathtaking views, head to the most popular museums and cathedrals and want to indulge in pasta, pizza, cheese and more.

Full Immersion Food Tour in Emilia Romagna – New Gourmet Tour for Food Lovers in Italy

So why not choose a destination that is still a bit of well kept secret but gives you an unforgettable Italian experience without compromises? The region of Emilia Romagna will entice you with historic towns, endless lush hills and especially something to add to any food lover’s bucket list! After all this is were parmesan cheese, Parma ham, spaghetti Bolognese (or better the original version tagliatelle al ragù) and balsamic vinegar come from! In the capital of Emilia Romagna, Bologna awaits you now afull immersion gourmet tour that will allow you to taste all of the local delicacies.

The once-in-a-life-time experience will take you right to the heart of to the Italian Food Valley, where the most famous and delicious Italian typical products are made. First you will visit a Parmigiano?Reggiano DOP producer where you will learn everything about the real Parmesan and of course will taste some cheese afterward. Then you will visit a Prosciutto DOP producer. One of the earliest references to ham production in the region appeared about 100 BC in the writings of Cato and even though the art has changed over the centuries, Prosciutto is incomparable to any other ham in the world. The visit at the producer’s will of course conclude with a delicious Prosciutto tasting! Next you are of to a producer of Italy’s so called black gold, the traditional balsamic vinegar which is produced only in the areas of Modena and Reggio Emilia. Over centuries it has found its place in the kitchen as a product of excellence, it heightens the flavors and enriches every dish on the Emilian table, from the most simple to ones such as salads and row vegetables, to the most refined dishes such as filled pastas or meats. Welcomed in a private property you will taste this special traditional balsamic vinegar and learn family recipes and secrets! It wouldn’t be a full immersion without an accompanying beverage, would it? And what is more Italian than a good glass of wine! Enjoy a wine tasting in the most famous cellar of the territory. You will tour the winery and explained how grapes are picked, crushed, blended and bottled. You’ll walk through beautiful vineyards with the winery sommelier and then – yes, you guessed it - taste the finished product. With all the tastings you should make sure to leave some space in your stomach as the day will conclude with a delicious 6-course gourmet lunch accompanied by a selection of local wines served in a family-run restaurants on the hills.

Doesn’t this sound like a food lover’s dream? If you would like to visit this magnificent region and join a food tour in Emilia Romagna like the one described above, you should definitely take a look at the website of the tour operator Food Valley Travel. The tour we described is just one example of many experiences to choose one, there is sure also the perfect solution for you!