Do you really have to pay for the payment antivirus protection?

Can you save money on antivirus protection while keeping your device safe? Windows Defender could be your answer.

Antivirus software options that protect your digital world have been around for as long as viruses that guarantee their use. This changes because a new wave of protection offers a similar level of security without the usual costs you'd expect from buy cheap antivirus software.

Well-known virus protection platforms like McAfee, Norton, Avast, AVG, Kaspersky and others have long protected computers and mobile devices from possible virus threats. Now Microsoft has taken Windows Defender to a level that, as many say, is enough to protect it without the need for these other services. It is true? We will do our best for you to decide.

What is Windows Defender?
Microsoft Windows Defender was first available with Windows XP and has since become Microsoft Defender. This free service is now integrated into Windows 10 by default. Although it started out as an inferior antivirus system that AV-Test declared dead in 2013, it has changed. The same test lab now lists Windows Defender as a superior service.

What are the advantages of Windows Defender?
One of the notable features of Windows Defender is that it is very fast. Since Microsoft integrates this with Microsoft systems, it can be optimized to work much more efficiently than a third-party option. As a result, the impact on the Windows Defender system is minimal, making it ideal for use on tablets or laptops where the battery life is much shorter.

What does Windows Defender offer?
The software can scan your system for signatures of known malware, but it can also monitor for signs of infection in your software. One of Defender's great features is the ability to ensure that no malware can take control of test systems.

The fact that Windows Defender updates and scans itself without you having to do anything or even realize it works makes it a very interesting option.

Why additional antivirus software?
In some cases, you may want to pay for an antivirus service. This is mainly due to the extras that some of these software packages contain for you. Many offer related services such as VPN, credit monitoring and protection, online password safes, and more.

What services work well?
Even with Windows Defender and everything we've said so far, another layer of security cannot harm. Another option is essential for malware.

Bitdefender Total Security is a good example because it not only covers protection against Windows Defender viruses, but also addresses malware, ransomware, Trojans, and rootkits.

VIPRE is another option, ideal for those who want an additional level of email security. This minimal solution provides email quarantine for suspicious emails, such as phishing schemes. A copy will be sent to the quarantine folder, where you can safely open it to verify that it is legitimate without compromising your system.

Avast Premium Security
Avast is also worth visiting because it offers excellent malware protection, ransomware protection, webcam surveillance, auto player mode and works on many devices. It is really feature rich and therefore costs a bit more.

What are the disadvantages of Windows Defender?
While Microsoft is almost perfect for protecting you from malware, there are a few cases where Microsoft still has a lot to do. Admittedly, these are mostly shallow menu managers, but they're worth mentioning.

As for parental controls, you can only use Microsoft browsers. For other non-Microsoft browsers, such as Chrome or Firefox, you must install Internet security features separately.