Differences Between Marijuana Possession Laws in Arizona and California

A possessor has to have a bud medical cardand purchase from a lawfully authorized dispensary. Possession without a health card was reduced into a civil crime, just like a traffic ticket. As this has made many California citizens joyful, just across the boundary the legislation in Arizona are still fairly strict. Herein, I'll clarify what these laws mean to individuals that are moving or visiting from California to Arizona.

If you're from Arizona, then you are aware that marijuana is effectively legalized in specific areas of the state. Medical marijuana cards could be obtained for a fast sixty dollar trip to a local physician, then a stop into a dispensary, for example one in Oakland. Now, the consumer can smoke marijuana clear and free, without the issue for criminal penalties. Without credit, the individual might be ticketed for a civil crime, the like a trespassing case. This can be deal for a number of taxpayers of California, but they ought to know about what this may means if they cross the boundary.
Simply owning a small amount for private use could result in half a year to a year in prison plus a fine of around $2,000. If someone it packed in a fashion the state determines is created for supply, the penalties will probably skyrocket. Delivery or earnings of marijuana leads to an instantaneous penalty of just two and a half years . So think again before you bring that combined to your buddy's home!
In general, residents of California should constantly remember when they depart the nation they might be subject to vastly different laws throughout the border. This leads to something of a patchwork of legislation that could be perplexing and possibly damaging for people.
An Arizona criminal defense lawyer will defend you in court, and may negotiate with the prosecution to lessen the fee or the sentencing that's levied against you personally. If you're arranging a visit to Arizona from California, then make sure that you look up the legislation for any goods that might be considered illegal where you're visiting.