CSI: Crime Scene Investigation From the Crime Lab to the Slot Floor

In the event that you were a fan of CBS's top rated TV series CSI, you're one of a worldwide audience of millions who routinely watched the crime laboratory team utilize state of the art forensic technologies to solve grisly murders. In 2012 CSI has been awarded the International Audience Award as the most watched series on the planet.

The favorite three in 1 penny slot enjoyed a run in 98 casinos around the nation. Even though the CSI slot machine isn't quite as popular as it once was, it's still possible to locate them in several gaming jurisdictions.
How to Perform
One to five credits could be wagered to perform 30 lines. The minimum wager is $.40 (one penny for every line and ten pennies to pay the bonus features). The top jackpot is $2,250 with maximum credits and $450 in case you are frugal and wager the minimum.
Audio, video clips and audio replicate the variant chosen. The volume is flexible because you hear the fantastic rock band, The Who, enjoying the displays' theme(s). Your seat will also vibrate when particular symbols look with a payout. You may even change games throughout play.
Bonus Characteristics
When a Trace Proof symbol is triggered on the fifth reel, the display goes dark and additional crazy symbols abruptly appear which commence multipliers with lager payouts. After three Crime Scene photograph symbols seem, you begin picking clues on a touch screen in a grisly crime scene. Each hint is concealing bonus credits supporting pieces of proof. Discover three or more bits and you are in the Crime Laboratory, where you see forensic proof being unlocked as you unlock spins. Each strand of DNA evidence discovered increases the multiplier on the spins.
As a rare player of slots however a former follower of CSI, I must mention this sport is a great deal of fun.
All the Best!