Cosmetology School And The Esthetics Course

A cosmetology school is a school which offers different courses related to hair styling, all types of skin care and use of various equipment's and tools for individual’s overall improvement in terms of appearance and looks. The sole aim of Cosmetology school is to train its students about the application of procedures to beautify their fellow human beings. The students who graduate from such kind of schools are called cosmetologists or esthetician. A Cosmetology school is little different from a beauty school. Cosmetology schools are often called as cosmetology colleges or cosmetology academics.

Cosmetology School And The Esthetics Course

The courses offered by the cosmetology schools are generally of 8 to 9 months in duration. However, there are few crash courses which are also available across the state of Newyork in USA. Post completion of these courses, all the students are required to undergo few certifications and practical tests to steer clear of the training they got during the entire tenure.

Esthetics course is a course which mainly involves the skin care and its various types of maintenance techniques. Although various other parts of human’s body are also covered under this course but main importance is laid upon skin care techniques and measures. Esthetics course also involves care of nails, eyebrows, body hair and eye lashes. Students who graduates from cosmetology schools are very well trained and groomed in their field and you can find them doing different types of cosmetology job in many spas, salons and dermatologists clinics. You may even find them making a career in the field of skin care and maintenance.

Different professionals apply different techniques such as application of natural essences or at times certain skin friendly chemicals with their own hands for skin care treatments and remedies. The following are the types of treatments which are offered by estheticians:

  • Dermabrasion- Another name for skin peeling
  • Microdermabrasion- Another type of skin peeling which involves dead skin peeling
  • Estheticians are also expert in hair removal treatment with the help of laser technology.
  • Waxing can also be done by such professionals.

This field is gaining popularity across the world and is being termed as very rewarding career opportunity. In few countries like USA estheticians are required to obtain a license which must be approved by the cosmetology board of the state from where the course is being pursued. There are many career options that an esthetician can look for such as:

  • Nail technician- A professional which is expert in giving your nails a complete and beautiful makeover.
  • Manicure specialists- The specialists which make your nails healthy looking.
  • Makeup artists- Makeup artists are the professionals who applies very good make up techniques to make your face look more beautiful and youthful.
  • Electrologist- These are hair removal professionals who apply best techniques while doing their job.
You can search for various popular Cosmetology schools across the world with the help of internet and you can even read reviews and discussions about them which will definitely help you in selecting the best school for you.