Chaldean Numerology Reads the Letters in Your Name, Not Just the Numbers

For all those who have not read some of my prior posts on this topic, Chaldean numerology is the forefather to the present system (Pythagorean) and speaks to the vibrations (amount values) and significance stored in every letter. In other words, understanding the significance of the individual letters on your title permits you to know yourself and your own life in a brand-new way. It's similar to viewing a'routine' of yourself that explains the hows and whys of your'arrangement'. In case you haven't ever heard of the particular system, do your self a favor and check it out, either on line or in my website - this is actually the one-and-only, first, accurate and spiritual method of alphanumerology which assigns significance to both the amounts and the letters from your title. This time round, we'll take a look at the personal and enigmatic G.

The G resembles the C, but that the open communication of the C currently has a'hand' covering its mouth, thus obstructing free speech. The G is the horn or guardian of keys. Think about the term and the notion of God: we don't understand how God works, generates, manifests or what the nature of the presence is, but the majority of us feature our very own existence to this hidden power. So it's the character of the G to'conceal', to stay quiet, to keep keys, that is in direct contrast to its outer appearance since the G is dominated from the ever-active variety 3. So the ordinary G might seem outgoing, sociable, talkative and physically or emotionally busy when in fact, there's a huge land beneath the surface that is ambiguous and buoyant.
The G describes what starts or entails the interior (s) of whatever, or to what pertains to unknown or concealed roots. Speaking of petrol, the car in the garage can't operate without it. Just for fun, let us state this hypothetical car is a member of a hypothetical gentleman called Ed whose climbing gut barely matches the wheel of the vehicle. Despite his standing as a tender, gregarious and gracious man, he's called a small greedy glutton that gnaws, gulps, guzzles and gobbles his grub, creates the gasoline we mentioned before and shares this generous present with fellow guests in his favourite place, the Glory Grill. He is rumored to put on a girdle to include his gigantic girth and gloves to pay his palms while still eating, although nobody really understands why. His guilty secrets are he likes to gossip, garden and gamble in the nude. He admires those of esoteric peace and tries to become the Pro that he considers himself to be he believes he's associated with Gandhi.
As you can see, each the G words above link to covert, hidden or internal origins or facets, while it's the gasoline in the vehicle, the food in the gut, the girdle comprising the fat, and the necessity to gossip, digging into the dirt or the profound calmness connected to a religious leader - each of the above indicate the action of the 3 in the gasoline keeps the vehicle moving, the food retains the body alive, the girdle regulates the expansion, the gossip requires the brain, mouth and address and starts indoors, the gardening entails planting, or grinding to the Earth and also the calmness of this Guru results from command over the human body and emotions. This internal facet is the gist of the G.
In case the G at a title is the very first letter, or Cornerstone, then there's frequently a withholding or quite personal component to the personality, which could typically be traced back to events of their past or into some private growth pattern the G feels that the need to protect or shield: a frequently baseless fear of vulnerability can prompt the G to'pay' their true wants and desires.
The normal G is quite sensitive to external influences, has good intentions and can be tender and nurturing in character. This personality is tricky to get to understand as Gs aren't quite themselves, and that is to state there is considerably more going on inside than is represented without: that energy is profoundly religious, self-searching, analytical, self-critical, thoughtful and reflective. It's proven to flee sticky situations which need vulnerability or private revelation and to respond impulsively to unexpected challenges. The G is quite much about self-protection and therefore, can occasionally seem aloof.
Much like all energies, there's a flip side to the letter. The in-ear is simply plain untrustworthy. This sort of G energy will be distinguishable by their own ability and tendency to lie frequently and well and from their attention on their own profit and advancement, while not actually showing they are to other people.