Candidiasis: Yeast Infection Prevention and Cure

Candidiasis is basically a fungal infection caused by the yeast. In common terms it is also referred to as the yeast infection and in more formal or medical terms, as candidiasis. There are many different types of yeast infections. The most common ones are:

Candidiasis: Yeast Infection Prevention and Cure

  • Oral which occurs in the mouth .It also covers the tongue and parts of the lips.
  • Superficial occurs in the skin or the epidermal layer.
  • Life threatening can occur in any part of the body. But it is life threatening because it has reached a very advanced stage of the infection where no medicines can work or cure it.

Mostly, these yeast infections occur in patients of Cancer (of any type), AIDS, patient indulged in a serious organ transplant in the past or in patients due for emergency surgeries. One can easily understand if he/she is suffering from yeast infection or not by recognizing some common symptoms. A person is suffering from yeast infection:

  • If, the skin becomes red
  • If, the skin starts itching. In certain cases where these infections occur in the genitals of the male or the female, these genitals start itching and become red
  • If, there is soreness of the region around the infection
  • If, there is a sensation of burning persists in the patient of these infections
  • The yeast infections cause a certain amount of irritation among the people who are victims of this infection
  • When the infection occurs on the genitals, often a whitish discharge is seen

After getting to know about the symptoms, one cannot stop wondering about how this infection reaches the human body. Here are some ways in which one falls victim to yeast infection:

  • During pregnancy
  • During the use of oral contraceptives
  • If one suffers from diabetes, one is prone to yeast infections
  • If one goes through a hormone replacement therapy one can succumb to candidiasis
  • During infertility treatment if one is not careful enough, one might fall prey to this infection
  • Wearing wet swim wear for a long time also causes yeast infection

There are mostly two methods through which yeast infections are diagnosed. Hence if one experiences symptom to the ones mentioned above then one can show a doctor immediately. The two most important modes of detecting yeast infections are:

  • Microscopic examinations of the affected cells.
  • Culturing of the affected cells.

Yeast infections in the early stages are treatable and are nothing to worry about. But if they are detected very late and have progressed towards an advanced stage then it might prove to be life threatening as well. Some of the methods by which candidiasis is treated are:

  • Fluconazole, which is as much as 90% effective in curing yeast infections.
  • Local treatments which include ointments and tablets also help in the early stages of the infections.
  • Caspofungi is also a very effective medicine to treat these infections.
  • Amphotericin B is also a commonly prescribed medicine in treating this type of infections.

So, if one experiences any symptoms similar to those of the yeast infection, without wasting any time one should immediately seek medical help for the correct diagnosis and treatment of the infection.