Business by the Astrological Signs

As a graphic design consultant and an astrology hobbyist, within this month's column I thought it'd be interesting to talk about what it is like to use individuals of every one of the 12 sun signs in the zodiac.

Your customers' sun signs can help you work out the best method to work together, in addition to their preferences.
Disclaimer: Please be aware that astrology is a great deal more complex than simply the 12 sun signs, therefore use this information as a general guide only.
Aries - WHAT'S NEXT? Aries are enthused and possess fiery reactions. They like beginning things and do not always like to complete themso do the job quickly and indicate new thoughts prior to the current one is finished.
Taurus - Taurus's do not like change and enjoy beauty, stability, and cash, so the most important thing is essential to them. . .how PROFITABLE does this site or advertising be?
Gemini - RESTLESS and INTELECTUAL...I believe I enjoy the wavy the ribbon, the purple backdrop, the wavy image. . .the sea photograph. .well, you get the image...
Cancer - Just how can this make me FEEL? What's the psychological overtone of the layout, what do folks FEEL if they look at my undertaking?(I can attest to the one, being a cancer chickee...)
Leo - Leo's enjoy being the middle of attention and they love being valued, therefore APPRECIATE their view and be certain that you've got the most flattering image of these in their advertising materials.
Virgo - Virgo enjoys repairing things and being of service, so be ready to create a lot of modifications to a job. However, when they're happy, you understand your work needs to have gotten to the stage of becoming FLAWLESS!
Libra - Libra's enjoy CHOICES. .so create a few different variations for them to pick from and they'll ponder it for a couple of days and contact you. Give them the choices and time to pick.
Scorpio - INTENSITY. .Scorpios will find a gut response to the undertaking and will either love it or despise it and go out there...
Sagittarius - HAPPY move LUCKY. . .freedom loving. . .just do not tie them down to a single choice or a single way of accomplishing things. Expect to go with the flow and make adjustments as you go along.
Capricorn - STATUS searching - how will this benefit my picture and also allow me to climb the success ladder?
Aquarius - Wacky, UNUSUAL, shocking . .they adore the most off the wall thoughts and will go together only to get a response from other men and women. Utilize your strangest designs onto them and they'll love it!
Pisces - Mystery, INTUITION, and Creativity - if working with Pisces. .they only KNOW. Invite them to listen to their own inner guidance when requesting comments.
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