Are Traditional Chinese Medicines Better Than Western Medicines?


We all desire a happy and healthy life. The three best steps towards achieving this goal are a balanced diet, proper sleep and correct exercise. But, the only evil in this way is an illness. Bad health is an indication of improper lifestyle or some unhealthy act done by you. Fortunately, medical science has developed a lot and has paved the way towards faster and more effective treatments. There are numerous types of medicines and therapies used around the world. These types differ with the region, the fundamental mode of dosage and the pace of healing. The two most popular streams of medicines are Traditional Chinese Medicine and western medicines.

Understanding Chinese Medicines and Western Medicines

China has a rich history of medical science which has been developed from more than 3,500 years ago. These medicines are not primarily based on excessive usage of chemicals or invasive surgical operations. They are mainly structured around herbal medication, acupuncture, and various other types of therapies to build Immunity. Most of the Chinese medicines may not have any logical method or mechanism of action, but their effectiveness is very high. These treatments are cost-effective and extremely useful. There are therapies like acupuncture, food therapy, cupping therapy and die-da therapy.

The western art of medicine was pioneered by Hippocrates around 2,500 years ago in Greece. These medicines are mainly centred on the administration of chemical drugs to treat a patient. It concentrates more on pathology and many scientific test observations. The diagnosis process of western medicine, treatment and its follow-up is done at a faster pace as compared to an alternative medication.

Comparison between Traditional Chinese Medicines and Western Medicine

  • The western medicine doctor considers the physical attributes of a patient like height and weight. On the contrary, a Chinese doctor looks at a patient holistically. They look, listen, ask and touch a patient to gauge what the disorder is.
  • There are no vast and technically advanced equipment used in Traditional Chinese Medicines (TCM) as in western medicine. But, there are herbal medicines used instead.
  • Western medication uses invasive surgical procedures, whereas TCM resorts to therapies like acupuncture and other herbal healing methods.
  • The western methods mostly cure only the concerned organ. But, Alternative Medicine, like TCM works towards establishing body harmony and balance intrinsically.


TCM and western styles of medicine are entirely different and function in their ways to cure the patient. TCM Clinic is very popular among people who wish for organic treatment. Above this, it is on the individual to decide which method to adopt according to his/her preference.