A Marijuana Addiction Overview - Short & Long Term Effects

Long Term Outcomes

Marijuana use damages many areas of the human body. Since it's inhaled it impacts not just the mouth, but in addition lungs, throat, heart, reproductive and circulatory system to mention a couple. The smoke inhaled may cause lung cancer, even more so than smokes. Other issues like pneumonia, asthma, and asthma also have been connected to Marijuana use. The smoke also puts increased strain on the heart and also when there's a history of heart trouble or higher blood pressure that it can be a fatal mix. Utilization may also cause an inhibited production of semen from the male and ovulation for girls, therefore influencing the reproductive system.
Short Term Outcomes
Short-term effects of marijuana are what's popularly called the high that can impact people in various ways. This doesn't happen to everybody but also much of this medication can cause these issues and some individuals are more vulnerable to the threat than others.
Marijuana is a dangerous drug and while a lot of men and women believe intermittent use won't cause an addiction, they couldn't be incorrect. Although Marijuana isn't a powerful physical dependence like a number of those other medications, it may still be very addictive. In reality many specialists think that the psychological or psychological dependence is as powerful as physical dependence.