A Book Review: The Fifty Years' Ministry of an Ordinary But Remarkable Man: Called, Chosen, Faithful

Outlining and a Book Review

Outlining a biography offers practice of the significant pre-writing, understanding and research ability. Marilyn Alexander composed of her husband, Jeffrey Alexander's Fifty decades of Ministry with the objective of notifying his loved ones, friends and many others of the way God has used this guy for fifty decades.

When instructing students to summarize comprise an introduction to MS Word or other word processor's outlining feature. For novices using the chapter names and other headings offer a wonderful introduction. Afterwards, you need to need more comprehensive info. Additionally, at some stage a pupil should undergo using parallel construction at the outline. Marilyn Alexander supplied examples of parallel arrangement inside her headings as the exact very same pieces of address appear in a blueprint. Repeating phrases and words operate in outlines.
The Fifty Years' Ministry of a Regular but Remarkable Person:

Called, Chosen, Faithful

From Marilyn Alexander
I. Part One - Pairing
A. Chapter One - Called to Salvation Throughout"Call-ege" # 1 1943-1962
1. Born on October 25, 1943 in Denver, Colorado into Alex and Verdonna Alexander.
2. Called to Salvation - in age 6 at an American Sunday School Union Sunday School held in an elementary school in what is now Lakewood, Colorado.
3. Called to Conviction - His dad showed certainty when comparing the instruction of God's sentence with what he discovered at a church. His dad led the family to South Sheridan Baptist Church (SSBC). Beneath the ministry of Ed Nelson, God called Jeff to preach.
4. Called to"Call-ege" #1 - Ed Nelson invited Jeff to attend Bob Jones University in Greenville, South Carolina. God provided the financing for the first session through his job in a grocery store and a warehouse guy for the summertime. Further, God provided for the next semester with a present from a family that had rescued a sum of cash and had given it to the Lord.
5. Called to Serve Servicemen - Jeff took each chance for ministry throughout his school days and beyond. On one occasion he moved into the Christian Servicemen's Center at Augusta, Georgia. He preached his next sermon and God protected them by a likely fatal accident with a train on their way back into campus.
6. Called to Preach - Jeff obtained his first permit to preach on June 1, 1962 to get a 3 month summer ministry together with Gospel Fellowship Mission.

B. Chapter Two - Called to"Call-ege" # 2 - 1962-1963

1. Encouraged to study in Baptist Bible College -Summer Ministry didn't provide financing for one more year in BJU. New leadership inserted to Jeff's curiosity about BBC - Brand New president Jack Hyles and brand new vice president - Ed Nelson. This direction lasted just 1 year.
2. Called into the Candy Kitchen Jeff worked at night in Russel Stover Candies and attended courses at Baptist Bible College through the afternoon. He lived in the home.
3. Called to Artistry - Jeff started to utilize his artistic skills at local churches performing chalk artwork and preaching.
4. Called to Sugar City - SSBC accredited Jeff to get a summer ministry.
C. Chapter Three - Called to Sugar City - 1963
1. Called into a little city in northwestern Colorado - Jeff attended agencies in Crowley and preached in Sugar City on Sunday afternoons.
2. Called to trust God for provisions - somewhere to remain, a fridge, meals, assist with the car or truck.
D. Chapter Four - Called to "Call-ege" # 3
1. Called to Pillsbury Baptist Bible College (PBBC) at Minnesota - invited to proceed by Ed Nelson and Dr. Monroe Parker (from PBBC) - little school, lots of opportunities to serve the Lord.
2. Called and Together With His Automobile - Jeff sold his old car to cover college expenses. His father gave him the family . Shortly God was using that car for Jeff and others to ministry duties.
3. Called to Preaching - Chicago and other cities in Illinois, other churches.
4. Called to perform More Art Work - In his preaching opportunities in addition to for college drama productions.
5. Called to Use different Talents - components in plays and funny monologues.
6. Called to Date His Wife-to-Be - Marilyn and Jeff, only conscious of one another throughout their junior year, started to date throughout their senior year. Jeff's credit count dropped short so he needed to take summer school and wait for a year to grad.
E. Chapter Five - Called to Pastor In Galeton, Colorado - 1965-1968
1. Galeton, Colorado, situated 14 miles north of Greeley using hardly a population of 100. This forecasting marks the start of Jeff's 50 decades of ministry.
2. Pastor Ed Nelson encouraged Jeff to his workplace in which two deacons out of Galeton Baptist Church waited. They desired him to preach till they had a warrior. Following a month or two, they desired him to be the warrior even though he planned to move to seminary eventually.
3. Called to Ordination - March 17, 1966
4. Called to Reunite - Graduation at PBBC
A. Marilyn, teaching songs at PBBC, obtained guidance - write to inform him she looked forward to watching him at graduation.
B. Jeff came in a brand-new red mustang - which did it for Marilyn.
C. Marilyn seen Colorado along with Jeff's household in July, 1966.
d. While driving back to Denver having done some sightseeing Jeff stated,"I wish to marry you"
She inquired,"Are you asking me?
After a minute, assessing if this was the time and location, '' he stated,"Yes, would you marry me?"

Marilyn said, "Yes!"

On the way they planned the marriage.
E. His salary of $50.00 a week wouldn't provide for a spouse. He continued preaching on Sundays and Wednesdays, proceeded back to Denver to live with his grandma and worked in a shoe shop.
5. Called to Small Town - nicely handled with, particularly by servers in a café before he travelled with Marilyn. No more specific treatment.
6. Called to Marry - June 10, 1967 - Plymouth Baptist Church, Plymouth, Minnesota.
7. Called into some Busy First Month of Marriage - following a brief trip residence / honeymoon, they needed to return so that Jeff could officiate at a marriage 8 days following their very own. Jeff's parents celebrated 25 decades of union 13 days when they Jeff and Marilyn were married.
8. Called to Enjoy Ministry -Music and Fellowship and Punctuality lessons.
9. Called to More schooling -Marilyn taught organ and piano lessons at PBBC at Denver. Jeff took a course at BBC throughout that moment.
10. Called to Much More Instruction - Symptoms of maternity in 1968 motivated the Alexanders to proceed to Minnesota for seminary before kids started arriving.Jeff sold his mustang and {purchased|bought} a car that could haul a U Haul.

F. Called to Central Seminary and White Bear Lake, Minnesota - 1968-1976

1. Called to Secular Function - to provide for household - shoe salesman and cloth warehouse motorist.
2. Called to White Bear Lake, Minnesota - Pastor of Bellaire Baptist Church
3. Called to Lead Others Many people connected with Central Seminary and also PBBC ministered from the church.
4. Called to Service Missions - Jeff and Marilyn engaged in yearly meetings of Twin City Association of the Minnesota Baptist Convention and Jeff held places. In this period he learned of"Faith Promise" and it sparked a desire to encourage assignments that never expired.
5. Called to Great Training - In Central Seminary, Jeff heard of expository preaching and moving first into the Word and later to commentaries.
6. Called to Be Tested Occasionally -God supplied the Alexander's needs, frequently"at the nick of time"
7. Called to Grow - Church climbed so that they needed to vacate the connected"parsonage."
8. Called into Association with Others - Minnesota Baptist Association
9. Called Elsewhere- Bible Baptist Church, Terre Haute, IN

G. Called to Terre Haute, Indiana - 1976-1978

1. Called to Help - Jeff desired more experience learning by a more seasoned Pastor.
2. Called to A Productive Interesting - Fossil collecting -family pleasure and prospective benefits for Sunday School kids.

3. Called to Loyalty - Pastoral staff resigned; Jeff had been requested to consider to remain, but didn't out of devotion to the godly pastor.

H. Called to Evangelism and Lay Ministry - 1979-1990
1. Called to evangelism - January, 1990
2. Called to Trust God -When wages from Bible Baptist Church stopped, the Alexanders trusted God to supply through offerings. Marilyn wrote in a diary concerning these events when God provided.
3. Called to dwell in a"Hallway -"that the 32 foot trailer which God provided for the expanding family.
4. Called to Laugh with God in"What we do not want is another child."
5. Called to Assist -Helped Jeff's mother after the death of her husband and worked at the home building company for many weeks.
6. Called to try to remember the nice and Difficult Times - Parking at a Pastor's driveway between encounters caused some neighbor issues.
7. Called to Close alive - Kids were growing up and wanted several origins.

8. Called to Broad Living - Jeff's brothers were building a home for them at Lakewood, Colorado.

9. Called to Transition - Issues with the truck that hauled into the trailer.

10. Called to Lay Ministry - Jeff and Marilyn directed the older citizens' ministry in SSBC. Jeff became involved at the Colorado Association of Christian Schools.

II. Part Two / Chapter Nine- Chosen - 1979-1986
A. Turning Point - Jeff came to a turning point in his comprehension of God's Word.
B. Turning Point Topic coated in Jeff's novel: Predestined for Heaven? Yes!

C. Chosen as in Calvinism -

1. Total Depravity
2. Unconditional Election

3. Limited Atonement

4. Irresistible Grace

5. Perseverance of the Saints

D. Chosen at Spite of Self -"We love Him, because He first loved us. I John 4:19
E. Chosen to Understand During John 3:16"God loved the world in this manner (therefore )..."
F. Chosen, Like Puritans - Arthur Pink, John Owen, Joseph Carroll

G. Chosen to Bless Others with Understanding - First, Marilyn, subsequently daughter Karen and a Lot More.

H. Chosen into Restraint -Teaching Sunday School in his church though anxious to inform others (as are new Calvinists), he did not need to cause difficulty.
I. Chosen Amid General Misunderstanding - Many contemporary Baptists don't know about their theological heritage.
J. Chosen to Give Out the Gospel - Because we don't understand who God has chosen, we have to announce the Gospel to all, trusting God with the remainder.

K. Chosen to Give Forth that the Gospel -Jeff composed a gospel track after this outline:

1. God made us for His glory. Isaiah 43: 6,7

2. We must live for His glory. I Corinthians 10:31
3. We've failed to live for His glory. Romans 3:23
4. We are subjects of God's just condemnation. II Thessalonians 1:9
5. God gave His only Son to offer salvation in the condemnation. I Timothy 1:15, 1 Peter 3:18
6. The benefits bought by the departure of Jesus Christ belong to just to those who repent of the sin and trust Christ for their salvation. Acts 3:19
III. Part Three - Faithful -It's God who is loyal.
A. Faithful at Lamar, Colorado: The First Few Years- 1990-1994
1. Faithful at Candidating - didn't conceal position, but that advice didn't get to all people on board.
2. Faithful throughout the"Honeymoon."
3. Faithful When Criticized
4. Faithful Though Maligned
5. Why did all of the folks depart?
6. Faithful from God's Grace
7. Faithful with Humor
B. Faithful at Preaching and Composing - 1994-1999
1. Faithful: Preaching Design and Character
2. Faithful When Criticized and When Encouraged
3. Faithful in Assessing Out Problems
4. Faithful at a New Position - Primary and capable at Lamar Christian School
5. Faithful Even though Disfellowshipped -Eschatology
6. Faithful With the Faithful

C. Faithful as Attendance Declined - 2000-2003

1. Faithful in Debate using a National Figure - Robert L. Sumner - The Biblical Evangelist
2. Faithful at the Face of Criticism
3. Faithful at Subsidiary Ministries - cooking, men's community Bible study
4. Faithful to His Philosophy of Ministry.
D. Faithful at New Pursuits - 2004-2009
1. Faithful with Additions to the Family - during foster care.
2. Faithful Despite Decline -shifting into smaller construction to save costs.
3. Faithful in Working in a Church Plant - Garden City, Kansas.
4. Faithful at Missions - missionaries linked with Fellowship of Independent Reformed Evangelicals
E. Faithful to the Year Mark - 2010-2015
1. Faithful to the Garden City Church - needed to stop, optimistic for future job.
2. Faithful in More Personal Wrestling -"I think sometimes God brings to the verge so as to show ourselves and our need for Him. Being frustrated motivated my analysis of the Word" P. 175
3. Faithful When God Encouraged
4. Faithful With the Faithful in Lamar
5. God Is Faithful!
This publication offers great encouragement for each single called and selected one (i.e. Christian) to become loyal during instances of encouragement and discouragement. God is true!