5 Kinds Of Chairs One Must Have In Their Houses

One cannot imagine a house to have a complete look and comfort without proper chairs. Chairs are essential not only for your convenience but also to give you house a perfect look. However, when people go to a Furniture Shop in Singapore, they are mostly confused and buy anything the shop shows them; this is because people never think about chairs and the variety available. Most of the time, people ignore the crucial role of the chair in their house. Keeping this in our mind, we have made a list of 5 kinds of chairs that we think every home must have in Singapore to have an Absolute Bedding experience.

5 Types of Chairs You Must Have

  1. Arm Chair: An Arm Chair is the most common type of chair that you must have. It is also said that this type of chair is not just a place for sitting but a way of expressing yourself. Hence and armchair is very important to reflect your identity around the house. It has a straight back and designed to give comfort to your arms and elbows.
  2. Recliner Chair: A Recliner Chair is undoubtedly one of the most comfortable chairs. It is designed to serve the purpose of comfort. A reclining chair is a must for reading and watching stuff on your phone or laptop. You can find both traditional and modern designs in both fabric and leather.
  3. Dining Chair: The dining area of a house is the best choice when it comes to giving the house a unique look, impressing the guest. However, it is a bit tricky to choose a perfect Dining Chair for dining are because you make take care of both looks and comfort while eating. Hence, it would be best if you looked at multiple chairs, their types, colours, dimension, before choosing.
  4. Rocking Chair: This is a vintage chair that has been loved by people for centuries. A rocking chair is a must to not only give your house a vintage look but also have cozy, relaxed moments. Imagine sitting on a rocking chair and looking out of the balcony, what a relaxing moment it would be!
  5. Nursing Chair: This is a chair that a few people know about. However, if you have a baby in your house that it is a must. This chair is designed specially to give comfort to both the mother and the baby. And over the years now features have been added to make it more comfortable.


Chairs are a must to make your living more comfortable and give your house a unique look. There are different types of chairs in the market specially designed to cater to your diverse needs. Nowadays there are also online platforms such as COURTS Singapore where you can have hundreds of variety of chairs to fir your requirement and the look you want. Hence never ignore chairs and be very specific while buying them.