4 Types of Temporary Storage Units Which You Can Rent

When you are looking for yourself a place to live and need space to keep your belongings safely and securely, you can choose to opt for Temporary storage units. These units are available for short or long term depending upon your needs. They are available on rent.

Not only individuals but businesses too need space for storing the clutter that takes up office spaces, but the company needs to preserve them. Be it files, documents, previous records, etc. In the case of manufacturing units, there can be materials such as machines, oils, lubricants, etc. that need to be stored.

Here are four types of temporary storage units available which you can rent:

  • Warehouse storage units:
  • Container storage units:
  • Non-self-storage units:
  • Document service storage:

A warehouse is a building that businesses use for storing goods temporarily. The size and number of warehouses depend on the amount of merchandise the company has. The company then ships these products to their place of sale. Thus, we can refer to it as a Temporary storage unit. One can solely own a warehouse for his business or rent it to others based on their requirement. It consists of several individual spaces where people can store their possessions in times of need. These units also provide the facility of climate-controlled spaces where they monitor the temperature and humidity of the units. Extra storage space is also available if storage is small. They are convenient and managed effectively. Due to these reasons, this type of storage unit is usually expensive.

It is a type of storage unit that involves a metallic shipping container. The size of this container can be a maximum of 160 square feet. Several companies provide this facility. They deliver it to the desired location and place it within a safe perimeter where customers can load and unload it. The other name for these units is "mobile storage units". They do not provide Extra space storage. They are cheaper as compared to that of warehouse storage as they cannot control the effects of climate change on the goods stored inside. The merchandise stored inside is not accessible once the relocation of the container takes place.

Here, the removal companies have the storage units that they use to store furniture or any similar kind of goods while their clients are shifting or moving. These are typically large warehouses that situated far away from the town and suburbs. The company itself handles the moving and shifting of goods. These warehouses are highly monitored and prohibit public access. Hence procuring any items gets tough once transportation takes place.

It is a type of storage service that allows you to store files and documents. Document service storage facilitates you to stock mainly paper files. They do not support the pooling of furniture and equipment. The companies that provide this service return your documents upon demand.


Thus, temporary storage units are indeed helpful in times of dire need. Whether its shifting or lack of sufficient, these services provide you with a safe and secure space to store your possessions. They are available in many countries around the globe. You can avail Self storage space rental Singapore to stock your furniture or any other types of equipment. Visit dstorage.com.sg For more any details.