3 Narrative Poems - Man, The Window and The Tale of Jack, & The Sharp-Sword Bearer

1. Man

The world now is not as good
As it was one time
When animal and Man were just one with trees
And nobody had been prime.
But since the wheels of time wrapped by
The state started to alter
For Man started to believe he had been
The Master of the era.
And it was then that things started
To really go a lot downhill
For nobody dared to raise their voice

Against the guy that dwelt.

It had been this self-worth of Man
It had been this amour propre
That contributed to the madness today
In everyone's life.

Man thinks too highly of him

Even among his fellow Men
this to set his domain
He stoops so low to kill him.
2. The Window
Staring out of the window, what do I perceive?
Vast areas and meadows, birds on blossom trees.
A cow grazes here and there, munching on the grass,
Sheep and goat and buffalo, traverse the landmass.
Staring out of the window, what do I perceive?
Tall structures of concrete, dull and gray.
A car honks here and there, a engine whizzes ago,
And when I chance to visit a tree, then it leaves me aghast.
Staring out of the window, what do I perceive?
The destruction of the city and the kind of a town.
Rather than bull and cart, I visit that a motor vehicle,
What's happened to my city, I do not know who to ask.

Staring out of the window, what do I perceive?

With broken heart and watery eyes that the dreaded Metropolis.
I for areas and beg for trees, but none can I locate,
The one thing I have now, is smoke in my mind.
3. The Tale of Jack, The Sharp-Sword Bearer.
As he opened his eyes one nice morning
Who did Jack find, if perhaps not the King!
"Oh Jack," said the king having a sober forehead
"Tell me, how would I do you proud?"

"Oh Jack," said the king having a sober forehead

"We want you in this troubling hour,
"The wall has dropped into the rival
"We want you desperately, for resurrection!"
"Fear not, my King," said Jack as he stood
"For I'll perform as best as I could,
" And push the Enemy straight back to his home
One of his own cowardly shouts."
So saying courageous Jack placed his armour,
Sheathed his sword without a less glamour
And while the King and people saw
Right into conflict, Jack had stumbled.
He cut a mind along with his sharp sword
And yet another hand using all the blood-stained sword
Until the Enemy fled in horror
By Jack the Mighty, Sharp-Sword Bearer!
The King was Very Happy with Jack
For rescuing the Kingdom with this a slap
The folks too were not as happy
And before Jack went to their knees.
The King gave Jack a purse of golden
And kissed his hands, lo and behold!
For had it not been for Jack that day,
The King could have become the Enemy's sufferer!