Brain Cancer

Brain Cancer

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Brain Tumor - Types, Symptoms, and Causes

Our brains will be the chair of all we're. Every action and thought we do is an outcome of our mind. So understandably the notion of an illness striking that the mind could be frightening.Brain cancer describes the abnormal growth and division of cells inside the brain.Whether benign or a malignant tumour can raise the loudness of the brain that generates pressure in the tight skull area. The bony skull is very stiff and hard. Any encroachment within this tight area increases intracranial pressu...

A Brain Injury Is Like The Color Blue

Perhaps I Am special. Only a few folks can say that which I readily could. My life is divided into two adventures of character. I was one individual up to age 44. Allow me to clarify.Everybody understands the colour blue, right? Not.If a person were visually impaired or blind since birth, they might not have any clue what colour is whatsoever, never mind that the true colour of blue. When we discovered that our colours by our parents and educators, they pointed to some colour and said"that is bl...