VoIP Phone System – Your way to Success

VoIP Phone System uses voice over Internet protocol with a familiar abbreviation of 'VOIP' is a telecommunication service utilizing latest technology of the internet. Various network protocols named as open protocols, proprietary and standard protocols are implemented to make VOIP calls. Using VOIP, you can make international calls of reasonable audible quality at lower rates or without payments when compared with traditional phone systems. Relatively large number of customers prefers to have VOIP service for many reasons. In this article let us have a discussion about various possibilities, advantages and features offered by VOIP.

Low cost is one of most appreciated features which made VOIP a popular phone service. Infrastructure and operational cost count on fewer amounts. Moreover, a single network is enough to carry data, multimedia and voice. No extra charges are fixed for both VOIP users, except the fee for the internet service.

The potentials and functionalities of VOIP are considerably larger than traditional phone networks. You can access VOIP calls from anywhere if you can connect to the internet. Incoming calls can be automatically transmitted to VOIP phone when or wherever you link it into the network. Encrypting and authenticating of the data stream using standardized protocols such as Real time transport protocol (RTP) ensures great security for your VOIP calls.

Signing up of VOIP calls with Next Step Telecom involves only simple procedures. You can access various packages to place inbound and outbound calls. You can also enjoy other exclusive features of VOIP services including call waiting, call transfer, caller ID, repeat dialing, call filtering, return call, speed dialing, three way dialing and much more.

There are three different ways to make a VOIP Phone Service such as ATA (gateway), IP Phones and computer to computer.

Normally, if you can manage to arrange a computer with internet connection, router, sound card and microphone, you are ready to set up a VOIP phone system. Another characteristic feature is the multi-party conference calling. You can include as many people for teleseminars and conference calls easily using a VOIP phone. Business firms can take the benefit to transact business related issues to employees working in different offices at different places. It is also possible to send fax quickly at less cost as VOIP has the capabilities to make data calls effectively. You can contact with your VOIP provider to know everything about packages, costs, and free services.

However, there are some drawbacks which drag back VOIP services. Sometimes VOIP calls are not accessible for emergency services or phone directory listings. Still this technology has conquered the highest ground in telecommunication scenario.