The Scientific Design in the Gaming Chair

Look back at 2017, the overall sales growth of gaming chair has reached 400%. What are you thinking about the preferred gaming chair than other ordinary office chair? Why more and more people choose to use gaming chair? In order to keep healthy, I list some points of the gaming chairs which need to pay attention to. Choose a good chair to protect the health, enjoy the happy game and live the happy life.

The Scientific Design in the Gaming Chair

The current material of five star base basically has three types: steel, nylon, Aluminum Alloy. In terms of cost, aluminum alloy > nylon > steel, but the material of each brand is different, and it cannot be arbitrarily considered that the aluminum alloy material must be better than the steel. Check out whether the tube wall material of five star base is solid. The material used in gaming chair is obviously more wide and stronger than the ordinary office chair, brand gaming chairs can reach a ton basic load bearing to meet the needs of all users. Under the condition of too thin or inadequate material, the static load is basically no problem, but the instantaneous load is poor, durability will be worse.

Many people would say, why should I buy a gaming chair? It is so hard than comfortable sofa. In fact, because the sofa is too soft, sit on it, the gravity of the support is not stable. Users often move the body naturally or unconsciously to seek the new balance and stability of the body. People will feel backache, fatigue, injury of hip nerve after sitting on the sofa for long time.

The gaming chair, usually with a block shaped sponge, is suitable for long time sedentary. There are basically two types of sponges, primary sponges and regenerative sponges, stereotyped sponges and common sponges.

Shaped sponge: in general, ordinary computer chair rarely use sponge, only part of the brand will use in the gaming chair. The cost of the shaped sponges is higher, requiring a mold to be made in one. In density, the resilience of the sponges is greatly improved and more durable. In general, the higher the density, the better the chair back to the elasticity, the more comfortable the feeling of sitting. The general Gaming Chair sponge density is 30kg/m3, like brand gaming chairs are more often in the 45kg/m3. As for the choice of gaming chairs, the high density native shaped sponge is strongly recommended.

The chair is generally using a technology integrated steel frame, can enhance the lifetime of the chair and bearing performance. As for the skeleton of the cushion, there are three basic types on the market, such as engineering wood board, rubber strip and steel frame. The project board everyone knows is the two synthesis, poor load, also contain harmful substances, some cheap gaming chairs are basically using this. It's a little better to use a green rubber strip, and you will feel softer while sitting on the chair. However, many of these strips can not be reinforced, and are easy to be deformed for a long time and have a great impact on the service life. The higher cost is that the whole cushion is strengthened with steel bars, the force is more balanced and the load-bearing capacity of the cushion is greatly improved.

Unlike ordinary chairs, gaming chair generally have high back. Ergonomic curve design of the seat can make the body contour naturally fit from the lower spine gravity. The weight of the back and rear of the thigh is properly allocated to the seat and back of the chair to minimize the uncomfortableness of the pressure point.

Generally speaking, the current gaming chair back on the market are PU material, this material has the advantage of comfortable, high-grade look. In order to make up for this deficiency, many gaming chairs will do some upgrades in materials. That was a protective film on the PU material, or using PVC composite half PU, softer and more comfortable than ordinary PVC. If you want to choose the PU gaming chair, you’d better to choose the hydrolysis resistant fabric.