Still Waiting For the Pokemon Pokeball

Some tell me if I am mistaken. How do any Pokemon collector and coach go about his business with no Pokeball? It simply makes sense to own one; one you can throw without breaking things I could add.

The issue with a Pokeball is you want a Pokemon to reside inside, also it would be good to throw away your Pokeball and also have a plushie jump out. Unfortunately, in our high technology era, these matters are still quite low tech and could include a jack-in-the-box contraption using a spring along with a Plushie that falls flat. I doubt that could be hot.
I am unsure how that facet of the Pokeball may be mended but one of all the folks working with Nintendo I am know there is enough creativity to think of something. Ensure every Pokeball is intentionally created so they're all exceptional. Every time the Pokeballs get chucked, the image changes and the battle is lost or won on the potency of this Pokemon that appear. Perhaps not the best idea in the world, I understand, but I tell you, I truly think the children are clamoring to get a Pokeball and they would be a terrific hit on the marketplace.
Speaking of the current market, within the Pokeball you can begin incorporating Pokemon White and Black critters, since Pokemon Black and White is what is popular today. My son has Pokemon White and Black Plush Toys (Stuffed Toys) and enjoys them so much that he sleeps together. He is also a maniac for the Pokemon White and Black Card Sport and collects the brand new Black and White cards if he could. He also includes a Pokemon White and Black Zuken Figure, but by much he favors the tender Plushies.
Talking of tender, and return to Pokeballs, I am a bit ashamed to admit I left my son a pseudo Pokeball that's similar to a dye, however, has thicker borders. I sewed different Pokemon faces on every side, and he can play with a dice game with something which is'kind of' just like a Pokeball. If some of you children are reading this, then go right ahead and ask Nintendo to get a Pokeball. If you are a parent and wish to be a fanatic, you're able to also.