Sentencing Guidelines for Marijuana Possession in Arizona

As you are probably aware, using marijuana for medical reasons was accepted by Arizona voters. This doesn't indicate you have free reign to have the prohibited drug, nor does it imply that the nation's laws against ownership have come to be more lenient.

Ever wonder what you must expect if you are found to have possession (not available ) of marijuana with a part of Arizona's law enforcement? Here's a breakdown:
Number --> Severity --> Incarceration --> Okay
Significantly less than two pounds. --> Misdemeanor or felony --6 weeks - 2 years --$750 - $150,000
2 pounds. - 4 pounds. --> Felony --Up to 2 years --$750 - $150,000
4 pounds. Or more --Felony --1 year old - 3.75 years --$750 - $150,000
Near bus or school > Felony --Additional 1 year --$2,000 - $150,000
If you are convicted of personal possession or use of marijuana, then you're entitled to probation and the court must suspend the imposition or execution of this sentence. While on probation, you need to take part in an proper drug treatment or education program and might have to attend a more rigorous therapy plan and serve 1 year in prison for another offense.
If convicted of a third or subsequent offense, you aren't eligible for probation. You also need to submit to urine drug tests as a condition of your probation. Obviously, in case you've got a health prescription, and also a little bit of marijuana, you're exempt from the aforementioned.
If you have been charged with marijuana possession with no prescription, speak to a criminal lawyer who will answer your questions and let you know exactly what to expect in court.
In case you've been arrested in Arizona for marijuana possession or to get ownership of any other prohibited drug, you have to speak to an Arizona criminal lawyer immediately. Petersen Johnson Law Firm has court experience in protecting individuals in the Phoenix region who've been accused of drug possession.