Oscar Fashion by Reeve Chace - A Book Review

Oscar Fashion is a hefty book--literally, but not figuratively.The pages are created with exactly the exact same procedur} as hardcover textbooks, giving it the illusion of heft. |}In 192 pages, it surely is long.

But, the book isn't as meaningful as you would expect. Obviously, nobody opens a novel like this anticipating Tolstoy; but one does anticipate more detail than that book actually supplies. Rather, the book is set out like a protracted People magazine, using small intellectually or visually stimulating content.
Among Oscar Fashion's most catastrophic shortcomings is the absence of classic photographs. Granted, this publication has pictures on each and every page; however, the publication only reflects many Oscar years using a single page of photographs, which means four or three photos for, state, 1944, or even 1966. In the start this is clear, because ancient Oscar ceremonies weren't televised or photographed; for a few decades, just a few pictures are proven to exist. But for after decades, showing just three or four dresses is only inexcusable, and requires grievous omissions.
The publication has some consistent attributes, which I'd have liked to see enlarged. The beginning of each decade (each chapter covers a decade) reveals three unique movies that were somehow affected or innovative in vogue, for example, Graduate, Breakfast at Tiffany's etc. This is a really interesting subject, one we've attempted to do justice to.
The publication also has different outfits which persist throughout time, like the Big White Dress.I like this notion; it is intriguing to see common threads running through Oscar style, in the 1940s to the 1990s. This is only one of the more intriguing areas of the novel, and I'd have liked to see a lot of those attributes, with much more detail (i.e. why such-and-such was a continuous feature).
On balance, however, the book isn't worth purchasing, and skimming through it's very likely to be a somewhat frustrating experience. People who are searching for inspiration ought to go elsewhere.
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