Life As A Geisha in Kyoto

Title of Publication: A Geisha's Journey

Authors: Naoyuki Ogino & Komomo
I stumbled upon this book when doing a random search of intriguing film books in the library.I had been attracted to the film on the book cover, which comprised a back/side profile of a geisha with her head slightly turned backward toward the cam. What left me borrow this book wasn't so much that she was a geisha, but she had been a modern day Japanese who chose to immerse herself to the culture and tradition of old Japan. I truly respect people who take an individual stand and voluntarily decide to do something outside of personal decision rather than by influence of peers or society.
Her name's Ryukiko however her stage name for a geisha is Komomo. She was 15 years old when she advised her parents that she wanted to become a Geisha apprentice. (From the novel, they refer to this Geisha as maiko and geiko). Having grown up and studied in Mexico, studied in China and finally staying in Kyoto, Japan, this really is a feisty woman whose soul of dedication for her aim is one we could all look to with respect.
Her trip for a Geisha apprentice started off having an email correspondence with an energetic Geisha residing in Kyoto, who began a site marketing her services to young Japanese women who desired to find out for a Geisha and desired a"instructor". Her email correspondence with this busy Geisha lasted a few months while Ryukiko was studying in China, until they eventually agreed to fulfill. Her inviting parents went to observe that this"sensei" who'd be carrying their kid, Ryukiko beneath her wing.
Immediately begins her journeyfrom being a maiko into becoming a geiko and eventually become a full-fledged Geisha. For a 15 year-old woman who's grown up in a liberal culture, having to adapt to the rigorous routines and studying the significance of bowing, greeting everyone she met with appropriate salutations and learning how to follow strict principles. She ended up quitting after, when she became enamoured with an older"sister" staying at precisely the exact same hanamaki as her when the"sister" told that the"sensei" she wanted to stop, Ryukiko (currently called Komomo) followed suit. But as a result of this sensei's words of awareness, Komomo realised she'd very nearly thrown her away to become a Geisha because she'd desired to follow the footsteps of her older"sister".
From needing to use kimonos made from exceptionally hefty cloth, to make-up which may only be found in specialist cosmetics shops. In addition you learn the principles of little accessories that the Geisha wear. In the patterns onto a kimono, to the colors of a kimono, into the color of this make-up on the eyes, into the hair-do, to the hair pins, to the color of the straps in their okobi (the large platform clogs we view Japanese at olden times wear).
It's absolutely a must read for anybody interested in simply style, or perhaps Japanese civilization, or just because fascination with what and that a Geisha is gets to you.