Depression and Marijuana - My Personal Story

I have heard many misconceptions concerning depression and bud in my entire life. I'd love to share my expertise so that others that have similar encounters feel much more comfortable talking and finding solutions to their own issues.

Marijuana didn't help my depression.
This is only one of the most crucial things I only wanted to escape the machine straight away. A lot of men and women feel that since marijuana is famed for making people believe that they are happy all the time, when they're sad and they smoke , they will be happy also, but the simple truth is it doesn't work like that. This really brings us to the next stage that is...
Depression and bud feed each other.
When I smoked I had been miserable, and that I painted since I was miserable. I mean, seriously sad. That is the truth. Obviously, once I was miserable, I wished to escape from my actual feelings, therefore I hid behind bud so I did not need to confront reality.
Pot is cowardly. It's time to confront your fears.
People today smoke pot since they would like to escape from the challenging reality of existence. It is a simple escape. They're trading short term pleasure for long-term distress. It took me years to understand this simple truth in my life.
The simple truth is that if you are unhappy about lifestyle, you will need assistance. You want people who will love and encourage you. If using marijuana is a contributing factor, smoking more if it simply does not help.
As soon as I swallowed a great deal, I did not accomplish something. It took me forever to do simple activities which didn't utilized to cause me some trouble in any way. Where are my keys? Even getting dressed becomes a nuisance. Believe me. Occasionally I woudn't even have the motivation to leave the home for days.
I wound up getting somewhat emotional in this guide, but that is because I would like you to fully realize you won't fight depression with bud. It simply will not work.
I set an end for my dependence and melancholy
After smoking marijuana for near ten decades, among the chief reasons I wished to stop was to receive my thoughts back. I feel as a different, better person today that I'm not stoned all the time. Many individuals can not stop smoking marijuana since they do not understand exactly what to expect, or do not have a program. It's possible to escape this particular lifestyle.